HMRC Gateway scheduled upgrade 3-13 April 2012

For those of you who process your own payroll and  have just processed the last pay period for the year and are ready to think about submitting your year end forms, please take note of this post.

HMRC have recently notified Sage of their scheduled upgrade times during this payroll year end period, and as a result, they strongly recommend that you wait until 14 April or later to make your submission.

If you submit your year end returns between 6pm Tuesday 3 April and 6pm Friday 13 April, your online submission acknowledgement will be delayed. You will not receive your acknowledgement from HMRC until Friday 13 April.

We strongly recommend that you wait until 14 April or later to make your submission. This ensures that you will receive a full acknowledgement from HMRC and Sage Payroll can provide and display your unique correlation ID number for your successful submission.

If you try to submit from 6pm on Tuesday 3 April to 6pm Friday 13 April, Sage Payroll will continually wait for an acknowledgement from HMRC and your software will be unresponsive. If this happens you should press Ctrl+Alt+Del.

If you close your submission without waiting for a response, you will not receive a unique correlation ID for your submission, which is the proof that your submission has been successful. You will receive a generic email response from HMRC on Friday 13 April, which confirms whether your submission was successful. It will not identify the company for which the submission was received  or contain the correlation ID number.

Please remember that you have until 19 May 2012 to submit your year end return to HMRC.

With Sage 50 Payroll, you can make a start on your 2012/2013 processing before you make your submission and complete your year end. Simply make sure that you complete all the steps in the “Starting the 2012/2013 tax year” chapter of your year end guide, then you can get going.

With Sage Instant Payroll, if you need to process in the new tax year, you will need to install a second copy of your software to allow you to continue processing. For more information about how to do this, please contact us at Silicon Bullet.

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