Learning to be a good blogger

Being new to this blogging lark, I have been looking for hints and tips to try and help me to be a good blogger. I was really pleased to find that a good friend of mine, Alison Neale, was running a free webinar today called “7 Tips to Blogging Success”.

I have known Alison through my hobby of bookcrossing since I first joined the book sharing website in 2003.  Alison runs her own proof reading and copywriting business called The Proof Fairy, and amongst other things she offers WordPress installation and hosting and blogging and article writing services.

Webinar Screenshot

This Webinar was Alison’s first, as although she had presented the same talk at networking meetings, running a webinar with no face-to-face contact and feedback is completely different.  I must say though, I could not tell that this was Alison’s debut at running a Webinar.  She took the attendees through her clear and concise slides, making her points and expanding on the content in a very professional manner. I now have some more hints and tips on becoming a good blogger, including ideas for content to make this blog more interesting.

Now it is just up to you, my readers, to decide if I am doing a good job! To contact Alison Neale and see if she can help you with your blogging too then visit her website – www.theprooffairy.com

8 thoughts on “Learning to be a good blogger

  1. Thanks for the lovely feedback! Blogging is such an effective marketing tool when done well – I hope you found something useful in the webinar. Mind you, looking at your blog you seem to be doing really well already!

    • Thanks Alison, I am enjoying my blogging and was already doing alot of what you mentioned already, but I did get some new ideas and it is also good to know when you are on the right track.

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