Learning to be a good blogger – phase 2!

Today I went on another course to help me improve my knowledge about blogging, this time run by the East Midlands eBusiness Club.  The Club is a virtual support network which was created to help companies make the best use of our Information Communication Technologies (so that is what ICT stands for!) in order to boost business performance.

The events are run all over the region; the one I attended today was in a very nice hotel on the outskirts of Daventry, and topics range from Blogging for business (the one I attended today) to Google analytics and conversion, developing a mobile marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO – took me a while to twig that acronym too!), Pay per Click  and Email marketing and Facebook and LinkedIn courses.

I found the course to be very interesting, it didn’t tell me much that I did not know already, but the trainer, Liam Lally of Transformational ICT, made it easy to follow and amusing in places, and I was pleased I went, even just to know that I am going along the right track with this blog.

The biggest value was in chatting to other attendees and networking before the meeting, and the bacon sandwiches were quite tasty too.

So what was the cost of this 2 hour breakfast seminar?  It was FREE!  The event was hosted by Northamptonshire Chamber and they don’t charge attendees.

These events are only available until March 2012, funded by the East Midlands Development Agency, so click on the links above and see if your business can take advantage of the seminars on offer too.

For my other posts about blogging then follow this link.

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