Triathlon Time Again

I started the year with my post How Life Changes where I talked about my Juvenile Chronic Arthritis and how my life has changed since my hip replacement and discovering that getting fit can be fun.  I thought it was about time I posted an update on how I’m doing with my challenge of running this year.

I started slowly with a program downloaded on my mobile phone which involved intervals of running and walking and gradually increasing the distances.  I was persuaded to take part in a couple of 5k cross country runs way back in January and February, and I was able to complete the course, although there was a fair amount of fast walking involved too, but I have the medals to prove I finished the races.

My husband and daughter have both caught the triathlon bug, partly after the 2012 Olympics and also because it is a hugely fast growing sport and we have a wonderful local club in Northampton, Northants Triathlon Club  I was encouraged to join them in a Super Sprint Triathlon event last April, which is held each year in memory of a former junior club member who died of meningitis.   I was attracted to this event as it is quite short distances, and with my experience of the 5k cross country competition, I doubted I could run 5k after a swim and a bike ride.

So in April I lined up at the side of the pool in my Triathlon Suit, incredibly nervous but ready to give it my best shot.  200 metres in the pool, a 10k bike ride around Stoke Bruerne and a 2.5k run around the field at Elizabeth Woodville School in Roade followed.  I started along side my best friend, who was the only pregnant lady in the race (and had her own private race briefing before the race) , and the support and camaraderie from those around really helped. I think I was the last runner home, and the barbeque had even packed up by the time I finished, but I did finish and in a time of 60 minutes and 30 seconds.  I was incredibly proud of myself.

So I think I can safely say that the challenge I set myself back in January has been achieved.  I have managed to not only become a runner, but a triathlete too, and my 2nd triathlon is in just a weeks time, again in Roade,  I am really hoping I can beat my time and come in in under an hour,   I have found my niche distance in the super sprint triathlon, and next year I may be tempted to find an event with an open water swim to add an extra challenge.

Super Sprint Triathlon Medals

Super Sprint Triathlon Medals

6 thoughts on “Triathlon Time Again

  1. I’m very impressed! congratulations. I’ve thought about triathlons, but my concern is that I’m really slow. I didn’t know you could do short distance ones – might be worth looking into.

  2. Really impressive, Aly! Wonderful how much change the hip replacement has made. I would have never imagined it, but then I don’t know any other young people who have had the procedure.

    • Thanks Krys. I finished the event in 58 Mins and 30 Seconds – a full 2 minutes off my previous time, and well within my target of under an hour. I’m very pleased with that !

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