How Clean 9 Works and other FAQs

I’ve been writing blog posts connected with my Forever Living business, and my own experiences of using the products, since January 2013, and it is fascinating to see how people end up at my blog, and the questions they ask in Google searches. Although my previous posts  do answer many of the questions, I thought that a post pulling together the most frequently asked questions and pointing readers to the best resources would be of use.

How does Clean 9 Work?

Clean 9 is a cleansing program which gives your body and gut a rest and helps your body get rid of toxins on the first two days through taking regular food out of your diet but including Aloe Gel, which has a cleansing effect on the bowel, and a protein shake and other supplements for nutrients and energy. To see in more detail why the Clean 9 Cleanse is so successful, read my post Cleanse verses diet – why is the Clean 9 detox so successful?

Can you do Clean 9 without Gel?

The cleansing part of the Clean 9 relies on the Aloe Gel to cleanse the gut – so you can’t do the Clean 9 without that fundamental part of the programme  However you can use the Protein Shakes, Garcenia tables, Forever Lean, Forever Therm and Fiber as part of a healthy diet and they will assist you in your weight loss efforts.  If you take a look at our Forever F.I.T. Website  you can find all these products available individually in the Fitness and Weight management area of our shop.

What do I eat on the Clean 9 program?

On days 3 to 9  you include a 600 calorie meal each day into your programme, to reintroduce food in a controlled way into your diet.  These meals should ideally not include processed foods or foods high in sugar fat or salt.  There are calorie charts and meal ideas in the booklet which comes with the pack, and a few ideas on our Nutri Lean Website too.  The booklets can be downloaded from the Forever F.I.T. website.

Can I eat Clean 9 Free Foods even on Days 1 and 2?

You can eat Free Foods on the Clean 9 on all 9 days of the program, for more information on what Free Foods are then take a look at my post Clean 9 – Free Foods.  However if you eat too many of these foods then you may not get such good results, so you should only eat them if you absolutely feel you need to, better a free food than a doughnut. They should be used to curb cravings, but only in moderation on all days.

What does Aloe Gel taste like?

I have been asked this so often that  I have written a blog post just on this topic.

Can I do the Clean 9 again straight away?

We do not recommend doing two Clean 9 programs without at least a 6 week break between them.  You will only have so many toxins which need to be cleansed from your system.  You are much better off moving onto the F.I.T.1 program, or continuing with a healthy eating and exercise plan .  We often find that doing the cleansing program at the start of a new regime makes your efforts much more effective.  If you drift back to bad habits or feel you need a boost, there is no problem with following the program for 2nd time (I have done it 3 times in 18 months) but you should not do it again straight away.

Does the Clean 9 really work?

If you follow the plan and don’t cheat, the Clean 9 does work.  You may not get a huge weight loss with it – but it is a cleansing program not a weight loss product.  Many people do lose weight but that is not a sign of the program working. Most people feel a boost in energy, clearer skin, and a general feeling of well-being on completion of the Clean 9.  Don’t just take my word for it, though – we have a private Facebook group to offer support and answer queries for our customers, so just like our page on Facebook and ask to be added to the group.

Where can I find Clean 9 reviews?

Before and After Forever F.I.T.

Before and After Forever F.I.T.

We often feature Clean 9 success stories on our facebook page, and we feature success stories on our Forever F.I.T. website too.  I also did a video diary when I did the Clean 9 in September 2013. Here is the first day – and follow the Silicon Bullet channel for all 9 videos.

Any more questions?

So, I hope that I have answered some of the more common questions about the Forever Living Clean 9 program, but feel free to message me should you have any questions not covered here – or ask me about my next weight management information evening where you can try the gels, supplements and protein shakes and find out much more information in person.  There are more frequently asked questions answered inside the back cover of your Clean 9 information booklet which comes in the pack or it can be downloaded from the Clean 9 page on my FIT website.

We have many successful business owners who add a new income stream to their existing business through using and recommending the Clean 9 cleansing system to their clients and friends – if you would like more information about joining my growing team then do get in touch.  If you can find 3 friends who want to join you in following the cleansing program with you, we can offer a generous commission for referrals – and following the program is much easier with friends!

50 thoughts on “How Clean 9 Works and other FAQs

  1. Hi how do i buy this to sell in my shop ? Do they do it wholesale or on commission ? Do they do free trials if you sign up ?

  2. Hi, these two suppliments bee pollen and garcinia taste really bad. Can I swallow them other than chew them? Or will it not work?

    • I swallow both of the supplements whole with water and have had great success with the Clean 9. Also the new C9 Cleanse doesn’t have Bee Pollen as part of it any more – see my more recent post for details.

    • Yes you can have fruits from the free foods list on days one and two. I am going on the company training about the program on Saturday so if you have any other questions let me know via the contact me link at the top of the page.

      • By a boost I mean doing the Clean 9 can increase your energy levels and just make you feel good. The toxins I refer to are those which build up in your intestines and prevent your body from fully absorbing the goodness from the foods you eat.

    • I wouldn’t give up. I would just carry on with day 3 tomorrow as written. If you feel the need to slip again try and stick to the free foods. You may have had more calories than the plan advises on day 2, but you will still have eaten far fewer calories than in your normal diet.

      The gel and other supplements will still be doing their job to make you feel better. The Garcenia helps curb cravings and will become more effective as you continue on the program.

    • Clean 9 is not recommended for diabetics. However you may find taking the Aloe Gel regularly and some of the supplements could be beneficial to you, they can be bought individually.

      I strongly suggest you consult your doctor before trying any of the products.

  3. Nice post
    After I get the first clean 9 package and finish it , do I have to use it again? I mean even after 3 months because I may not be able to afford it again …..

    • Liz, we don’t recommend you do Clean 9 too often. You have the choice of moving onto FIT1 or FIT2 depending on your target, or pick the supplements or shakes that worked best for you and include them in a healthy eating plan. Clean 9 is the kick start. All the parts of Clean 9 are available from my shop individually.

  4. Thanks for the post. I’m really tempted to try this, but I’m worried about the pills. I have thyroid problems, and so cannot take normal diet pills as they mess with thyroid function. Is everything in the pill natural? Thanks!

    • If you send me your email via the Contact Me section of my website then I can send you full information about the pills included with Clean 9. I would then advise you take this information to your Dr before starting on the program.

    • I am not a Dr so I can’t give any medical advice. I don’t believe that it does affect the pill, but if you are at all unsure then please consult your Dr. or use extra protection while you are doing the Clean 9.

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  6. Pls am I going to chew garcina plus to swallow with water.for pass 6 day of d program have been swallowing with water

  7. Hiya I’ve just started c9 and I’ve just read u can have free food on day 1 and day 2 is this correct and of so how much can I have…Thank u

    • Hi Laura, anyone who sells the Clean 9 should be able to help support and advise you. If they are unable to then they should have support from someone else in their team. We have a Facebook support group for our customers where you can ask these kind of questions. The simple answer is yes you can have free foods throughout the Clean 9 but don’t over do it, just have a little if you feel you really need to. Listen to your body.

    • It’s better not done during time of the month, but personally I would continue. You’ll still feel great when you’ve achieved it. You should be able to ask advice of the person you bought it from. That’s part of the service I offer to my customers.

  8. Hi,
    Just started my clean 9 today. I did 30 mins high intensity exercise but I don’t feel any headache. I thought headache is a good sign that it’s working.

    • You won’t have enough calories and energy and could be in danger of making yourself Ill. This isn’t a diet, it’s about healthy eating and a cleanse, starving yourself is not healthy.

      • You are the first person to complain of NOT having a headache. It depends on your general diet before doing the C9 on if you get headaches or not. If you are on day 1 then you aren’t far enough into the program yet to notice a difference. You really should be being supported by the person who sold you the C9, it’s a service I offer to my customers.

  9. Hi, I am wanting to do the c9 but I am currently on medication for IBS (Amitriptyline 10mg) which I take every night and wanted to know if I am able to do the c9 whilst taking this medication?

    Many thanks


  10. I have finished the Clean 9 but i did not follow the program 100% correct.should i repeat the program immediately again.

    • You should really leave a 6 week break. I do advise continuing to drink the Aloe Gel and replacing one or two meals a day with the shake. If you’re long term goal is weight loss you would be better moving to the FiT one program If you message via contact me I’m happy to advise you directly, just send me your no, You can buy all the products from my online shop.

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