Do you know about horses?

Horses are something I have a healthy respect for, but I know nothing about. I’ve probably ridden on two or three in my lifetime (and they have all scared me rigid!). I’ve felt so high up and totally not in control: they are just not my thing.

But I know that stables and the equine industry would be really good contacts for my Forever Living Aloe business.  The problem, is if I approach these types of businesses about the products, it doesn’t matter how wonderful the products are, I am sure that they will smell the fear of horses on me and I will  lose all credibility.

What really matters in my business is sticking to my strengths, and building a team  of people with the skills I lack, and then growing our businesses together.  Network marketing with Forever is about teamwork and helping others, as you can read in my previous post on working as a team.

Forever Living do help us with information we can use to reach out to those with the skills we want to grow our teams, though.  The latest company magazine has Mary King on the cover: those who love horses will know she is one of Britain’s most successful equestrians, with  a career spanning 30 years and many medals from World Championships and Olympics to her name.

Mary discovered Forever through a mutual friend who approached her and told her all about the benefits of the products.  This is where having the right connections comes in, as being introduced by a friend has much more meaning than approaching someone cold and with no knowledge.  Ask  me to show you a copy of the magazine.

So, do you know anyone who owns a horse or loves horses, or anyone with friends who live at the stables?  If you do I would love a short chat with them to  share with them what Mary and many other leading equestrians and vets love about Aloe Vera.

Mary King on the Cover of Forever Magazine

Mary King on the Cover of Forever Magazine

3 thoughts on “Do you know about horses?

  1. Reblogged this on musingsofacoeliaclibrarian and commented:
    I have always loved horses and used to ride every holiday when I was younger. Like Alison I am interested in talking to people who have horses or who work with horses as there are so many benefits using natural, organic products with them. Get in touch with me if you would like to find out more, or pass the link to this post to someone who would find it useful.

  2. Hi I would love to join forever, but am mum of 3 and don’t have £200 to set up business box. Any advice would be great

    • It depends where you are based on if I could help you join without buying the business owner box. If you message me via the contact me link at the top of the page I can see if you are in an area where one of our team can help you. By far the best way to join is through buying the business owner box, as this is a business where you use and recommend the products, so I do advise you to save up until you can afford the box, but do get in touch and I’ll see if I can help.

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