How much can you expect to earn with Forever Living?

The good news with Forever Living is that your earnings are uncapped, and no one will ever tell you to stop as you have reached your glass ceiling with the company. Also once you reach a certain level your business is willable so you are building a business to pass on to your loved ones.  The bad news is it is not a get rich quick scheme, anyone can earn large amounts of money with Forever Living, but it takes hard work, determination and time to get there.

There are 3 ways you can earn with Forever Living – and you tend to get out what you put in, so if you want to earn more, you do more.  If you have limited time to spend on your new Forever Business though you can start with a few hours and build up.

Option 1 – Retailing

When you get your Business Owner Box (formerly the New Distributor Pack), or evaluation box, which contains a selection of our best selling products and all the literature you need to get started, you can get started earning straight away with retailing the Aloe Vera products.  Typically we recommend you develop a solid customer base of 20 to 30 customers which can earn you £200 to £400 per month.  To see how much it costs to join Forever Living take a look at my earlier blog post entitled How Much Does it Cost to Join Forever Living.

Everyone starts by buying the products for the same discounted price , and your first source of income as a Forever Business Owner is from buying the products at a 30% discount and selling at recommended retail prices.  We don’t recommend discounting product prices and we are not permitted to sell through discounted websites like Ebay and Amazon.  In fact if you are caught selling this way then your account will be terminated.  As you move up the Forever Marketing Plan you will benefit from an additional bonus each time you place an order.  Take a look at my post about Retailing with Forever Living for ideas on how we recommend retailing your products.

Option 2 – Team Leading

You can make a good living by retailing products, but the larger incomes in Forever Living come from building a team.  We guide you through every stage of building your own team, and as an Investor In People Gold Champion company Forever Living has many different training options available.  You will be guided through identifying prospective team members, introducing them to the business, and helping them to join your team.  You then earn a commission from the company based on any business your team members do as long as you achieve a certain level of personal business each month.  Your team members do not pay anything directly to you just as you don’t pay anything to the person who introduced you to the business.  You can expect to earn £800 – £2000 per month after 4-6 months of recruiting and team building, and would need to dedicate 4-9 hours minimum per week to your business.

Option 3 – Business Building

Once you have successfully built up your team then you can move onto a more business building and mentoring role.  This is more of a management role and will need 20+ hours per week to coach and support your growing teams.  You can expect to earn £2500 + in this role with Forever.

Also once you reach a certain level in the company Forever Living have all sorts of incentives including the earned incentive program, foreign travel, and chairman’s bonus cheques.

There are 3 stages to earning with Forever Living

There are 3 stages to earning with Forever Living

So why don’t you join me?

So where am I on my Forever journey?  I have an established retail base and I am developing my team in Forever, looking for motivated, outgoing and caring individuals to join my growing team locally, nationally and internationally.  If you would like to learn more please get in touch and I can send you more information about the company and how to get started.

My only regret with Forever Living is that I didn’t join sooner – don’t let that be your regret too.

Join my team and I'll give you a helping hand.

Join my team and I’ll give you a helping hand.

UK Trading Standards Statutory Warning
”Forever Living Products are a very proud & ethical company who pride ourselves on good practice.
It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”

87 thoughts on “How much can you expect to earn with Forever Living?

  1. Reblogged this on musingsofacoeliaclibrarian and commented:
    Your earnings with any business are dependent on the amount of focussed effort you put into your business. What is great about the Direct Marketing business is that as you grow a team and work with them to develop their own successful businesses your business, and hence your income, will also grow as you start to get residual income. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about the opportunity and the support and coaching that is available to you.
    The other benefit of a Direct Marketing business is that you can develop it to the level you are comfortable with, or the level you can achieve with the amount of time you have available. It is truly a flexible. With Forever Living you don’t have to pay a joining fee, or an annual charge you only have to buy products to join.
    As well as earning 30% retail profit on any items you sell you get the products for your own use at the wholesale price. If, like me, you are an aloe holic and use Aloe Vera to was your hair, wash your clothes, clean your house, keep your skin soft, drink it as a tonic, clean you teeth and treat aching muscles and burns this is really helpful.

    • But it is a pyramid scheme! You have to recruit minions to do the donkey work while some creAm off the profits. I think it picks on vulnerable people who are skint to try and make a go. The products are ok but very overpriced, a good health shop will stock the same item.

      What offends me the most is how false everyone is online.

      • Joanne, Please look at my post to explain what a pyramid scheme is and why Forever Living definitely is not one. Particularly watch the amusing video in the post.

        Rather than picking on vulnerable people, I have found Forever Living to be incredibly supportive and nurturing. You just need to find the right sponsor for you. Those who are most successful in Forever are those who help others to succeed themselves. The selfish or the ones who think it is not hard work to build your own business are those who often fail.

        Yes the products are not the cheapest, they do not claim to be. The ethos of Forever is to have quality products produced ethically, in the countries where Aloe is harvested they are a fantastic employer who really cares for their workers. I personally would rather pay more for a product confident in knowing this than look for the cheapest.

        Yes people can say anything on line, so you need to be careful to look for those you trust. I was approached by many people to join Forever Living before I finally joined, it needed to be the right time for me, and I needed to find a team which fitted my beliefs and ethos. I did that with team Synergy / Excel , but everyone is different. If you find someone to be false then pass them over and look elsewhere.

      • Having worked in this business for a year now, I can assure you no health shop stocks products as good as Forever Living, time to start reading the labels. Next time you come across an Aloe Promoted product check the back to see just how much aloe is actually in the product!!!! If its not the first ingredient then it is not a superior product…… Forever Living Aloe products clearly state first ingredient as Aloe. People really make me laugh with their “But I can buy it much cheaper elsewhere” attitude, yes they can buy a product claiming to be packed full of Aloe, but the truth is the Aloe will be 10 or 20 down the ingredients list with a load of chemicals before it! You pay for quality, time everyone was educated on this!

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  3. the idea of earning money on this product is fabulous. Im just sceptical about it in nigeria,especially on a low scale budget. im really loving the ides,especially the team building aspect. But i need more details

      • I would love some info on how to expand my income iv just joined up with the forever living I received my box today could I have a text plz on [no removed]

      • Melanie,
        Good luck with your exciting new journey.
        Unfortunately I won’t be able to support you personally with your journey, I need to concentrate on supporting my own team directly and I don’t have enough hours in my day to help everyone who joins Forever.
        Please go to your sponsor for training and support, and if they are unable to help then their upline should be there for you. It is in their direct interest to ensure you build a successful business.
        You are of course free to read the advice in my blog – which is why I write it – and again good luck with your new business.
        Having a sponsor and upline who you can work with is why choosing which team you join in network marketing is as incredibly important decision.

  4. Hi just wanted to know will u give support to set up and will u let me know how to boost my earnings which area r u from we do we meet to talk about this product thanku

    • Asma,
      I am always happy to help new team members – please get in touch with me directly via one of my social media links and let me know your number so we can have a chat.

      Alison x

      • how i get ur help and tips. I think it will be needed for me. If i want to build up my career with FLP.

      • If you have joined go to the person who told you about Forever for guidance. If not get in touch via the Contact Me page here on my blog and let me know your location and I can help.

  5. Good day

    i just find the forever living product as the interested business to start.i am good in team leader .So the only thing i just want to find out is that how does it work eg do i need to invest or do i need to sell it by my self.

    Please help me.

    • I am happy to help anyone who would like to build a business under the umbrella of Forever Living. I have sent you an email with my contact details and I look forward to speaking to you.

      • I read about it many times. .I have used the products also know I want to develop my own business. .I feel much uncomfortable while talking to the people and get nervous when I talk about this. There is always kind of fear in my mind. ..I often speak less to the people .I want to come in this business but negativity always surround me. .if you could help me to get through it. With lots of thanks.

      • There are many training and support resources you can use to improve your technique and build confidence. Talk to the person who introduced you to the business for their support. This is something I help support my team members through.

      • Am looking forward to join forever and I can do my best to make my forever business work properly, am 23 years old

      • Yes you can run the business in Cameroon – The contact details for head office there is

        Managing Director: Bernard Tabod
        Managing Director: Vivian Tabod
        Santa Babara, Bonamoussadi
        BP 18246
        PHONE +237 33472448
        FAX +237 300 37 05

        I can still support and sponsor you there too – please let me know if you need further information through the Contact Me button at the top of the page.

    • I’m sure forever living is in cameroon. I used to work in cameroon and I’m going to recruit my friends over there to my business

      • Yes, Forever is in Cameroon. You need to contact Business Owner support if you have already joined and ask them to ‘switch on’ the countries where you want to sponsor. You can then find the contact details for the Cameroon head office through head office or on-line and ask them to send you price lists, an application form and joining instructions. Each country can have slightly different rules and requirements.

    • Place orders or introduce people to your team (you get cc’s for recruiting and when your team place orders) then you can move up the marketing plan to Supervisor, then Assistant Manager then Manager, each based on how many cc’s you earn. . The 30% commission on products never changes but your bonus increases, and you earn bonus from your teams sales too.

      By building a team and helping them do the same your bonus will grow. What I love is you can only build your income by helping others do the same.

      • Hi
        I want to join a hard working team Im in South Africa , and would like to know how many people must be in my team inorder for me to become manager and qualify for forever2drive

      • Do you already have a sponsor who has introduced you to the business?

        If you have please go to them for them to answer your questions.

        If not then I would be happy to help as I am looking to build a team in South Africa. Just send me your details via Contact Me on this website and I’ll get in touch.

    • Please get in touch via the contact me page on my site if you wish to join. I will help you in any way I can to become a Forever Business Owner.

      Yes you do need to invest in your new business,The more you invest in your business the bigger it will grow.

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    • Johanna, The person who recruited you should answer all your questions. It’s what I do for my team members. This is why it is important to choose someone you can rely on and trust as a sponsor.

  8. My wife has just joined forever living and is pressing hard to put the products to family and friends while I have set up a business page on face book and registered for adwords spending a tonne cash to bring people in only to find the clicks ain’t buying products.
    It seems like we are the most expensive place to get the stuff from while over on ebay, no matter how banned it is by FL the products are there to buy in their 1000’s.
    It seems to me the only way to make money is to sign people up for £200 and mentor them to do the same.
    This is in my eyes wrong because there will always be someone at the bottom stuck not been able to sell.
    The answer, I think is to serialise all products and register them to distributors and when caught are dismissed.
    I believe you can and should be able to make money from selling and not just from signing people up for 200 quid.
    Some thing needs to be done.

    • Chris,

      Thanks you for your comments. I am Forever Business Owner myself, just like your wife, and yes finding retail customers is not easy, but there is plenty of business out there for all of us. I actually find that we need to add a more personal sales service that trying to attract people to us online. Online there is too much competition plus as you say people using Amazon and Ebay in ways against our agreement with Forever. Personally I think you are wasting your money on adwords, This blog brings over 500 visitors to my site every day but I rarely sell products through my retail links.

      The way to help people to buy from you is to offer personal advice, know the products really well, and give excellent customer service. This really needs to be more face to face than on line as we need to be careful not to make medical claims in printed or published media. I agree that serial numbers and traceability of products would be good, I know from talking to our local area manager that these things are regularly discussed. I suggest you put your comments in writing to the head office address. If you do not reach the minimum of 4cc per month (of which 1cc must be retail) then you won’t benefit from any team members you have recruited – so everyone is expected to have an active retail business. Everyone no matter where they are in their forever journey should be looking after their core of retail customers.

      I suggest your wife attends the trainings offered by her upline / team, and follows the advice given. She can then learn in turm how she can support her own team and build up retail sales for herself. That is what your sponsor should be there for to help with enquiries such as yours.

      You will never make a huge fortune selling deodorant and toothpaste yourself, but if you have a large team all selling deodorant and toothpaste then you have a much better chance of doing well!

      • Cheers, thanks for your time in replying we will have to see which way to go with progression.

    • It depends on how much retail business you do and how many team members you recruit. Everyone is different. Your sponsor is the person who will make a plan with you to help you reach your goals. If you don’t have a sponsor please contact me and I’ll help you formulate your plan.

  9. In case I have only one member in a growing team, the benefits I get, is it monthly or I must have a good number of members?
    …….. “if you don’t reach the minimum of 4cc per month, then you won’t benefit from any team members you have recruited…..” please may you elaborate more about it .

    • It’s too complex to go through here in a blog reply. You need to speak to your sponsor to get these questions answered, and once you join attend the Trainings and learn from the others in your wider team.

    • Once you reach the level of Supervisor on the marketing plan then you start to earn a commission based on your team’s activity. However if you personally are not doing any business yourself then you will not earn that commission for that particular month. You need to be working in your own business to benefit from your down line. This is why achieving Sales of 4cc is one of the first targets new business owners are encouraged to achieve. How much in sales 4cc equates to depends on which country you are based in, but the cc is our internal Forever currency.

      It makes no difference how many team members you have – the secret to unlocking your commission is reaching 4cc each and every month. When I first joined I reached Supervisor with just one active team member (my sister) and through our combined hard work I got my promotion and started to earn my commission. Now my team is growing and my commission is growing, but I am also spending more time supporting my team members too, if you do the work you gain the benefit, but it is not a get rich quick scheme. If you don’t work and don’t support your team you will not build up your income.

  10. ….. Forever living products are expensive…….. As per the price recommended……. So if I purchase the products and I last longer with the products……. Will this affect my progress despite team formulation? ❓

    • I know Forever Living products are not the cheapest, but it is because they are of high quality. We recommend business owners use the products and recommend them to people when they first start. You can obviously only earn commission on products you sell. I think you need to find a good sponsor to take you through everything.

    • I would choose a sponsor who gives you good advice and whose team offers good training. If you would like to find out more about my team then I can e-mail you information about joining my team. You can use the contact me link at the top of my blog to tell me where you are from and why you want to join Forever Living.

  11. So I’m leaving in New York and I just registered,like 3 days ago through my friends in France and I’d like to do some training . What I’m gonna do now ? I really need your advice…

    • I am getting an increasing number of enquiries like yours and it is quite worrying. When a friend introduces you to Forever this should be the start of your journey together, not the end! Please ask your friend for your planning meeting, where they can point you to resources for training and teach you from their own experience. There are many company resources as well as ones each individual team put in place. It should not matter if you are in a different country, as you can contact your own USA head office for advice and resources yourself too – you just need to know the contact details. I recommend if you really are left floundering then contact you regional head office and ask about your nearest Business Presentations, go along and make friends there. We are an inclusive helpful company and hopefully someone local will take you under their wing if your own sponsor can’t help.

      A word of warning to other blog readers looking at this thread – choose your sponsor and you team carefully – don’t be left in the same position as poor Barry – talk to the person introducing you to forever and see if you think you can work with them as part of their team, ask them what resources they have to help you, and choose carefully. You want to find an active, vibrant , growing and supportive team where you can all grow together. Contact Me using the link at the top of the page to find out if our team is for you.

  12. Hi, I found also Forever living products very good! I wanna work now! I joined this business in September. I wanna know if it works in Uzbekistan? At the moment i am living in Germany, Can i do this business here and there too? Thank you for instant!

    • If you have joined already then you have all the resources you need to find this out for yourself. If you don’t know what to do then go back to the person who sponsored you into the business.

      I find the best place to find out if Forever Living is in other countries around the world, or buy yourself the international directory from your shop, it is in the literature section. You can get the phone numbers and email addresses of all the head offices around the world and I always find them most helpful when I need to ask questions.

  13. I live in South Africa how do Join Forever Living.The problem is im not working and I don’t have the money to buy the product what do I do?

    • You can’t join the company without buying products. You also can’t expect to start your own business without some investment. Forever is all about using and recommending the products, so I recommend you get and save a little money each week until you can afford the minimum order quantity in your country. It’s different depending on where in the world you are. I will email some information about South Africa to you. If you have friends or family, ask for money instead of gifts for your birthday etc. and make sacrifices and savings wherever you can.

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  15. Hi,
    I have read ur posts regarding finding the right sponsor and will like to heed ur advice on this as I believe this is important. You see, I heard abt FLP thru my sister in law who came to visit us in the USA. She recommended some products to me and my husband based on the health benefits…she didnt mention anything abt joining her team although she is an active member who gets discounted FLP products. I decided to make research abt the company and their products on my own (I’m into my 3rd month of research… and still gathering info). I have developed an interest of starting up a business with FLP, what would you do in my case as to choosing a sponsor? Should I contact my sister inlaw who lives in West Africa or do I find a sponsor here in U.S ( someone who knows abt the business in this location and can answer all of my questions)? I would like to join FLP and start my own business. Thank you in advance!

  16. Great information SiliconBullet. I’m looking for a business to start working out of my home and I find the history of this company fascinating. Their website lacks a lot of information, so your site has helped answer a few questions I had. I understand you can not sell through Amazon or eBay but how about Craigslist or other online retail locations? Can I visit a local store and try and set up a contract with them for inventory? If I begin this journey, I want to make sure my hands are not tied on many of my ideas. Thank you in advance for any information you may have for me.

    • The whole point of Network Marketing is it is based on personal recommendation and building up a personal relationship with your customers, so no on-line selling or selling through retail outlets is permissible. The one small exception is you can sell consumable products like protein bars and energy drinks for consumption on the premises in a retail environment. This is all in your terms and conditions if you choose to sign up. If you would like help and support about how we retail our products then take a look at my post Retailing with Forever Living . You are not expected to look after 100’s of customers, just 20 to 30 regular purchasers (as products are consumable) but rather spread the load and help a team of people each look after their own 20-30 customers in order to make a success of your business if you want the larger incomes.

      • I’ll take a look at that link and see if it helps. Since we have a website, I just thought I could make YouTube videos and blog (just like here) to start moving people towards that site to purchase products. I’m assuming I can attend and have a booth at flea markets, bridal shows, etc. I’m motivated but again, don’t want too much restraint.

      • Mike, I will send you an email with more information on, but basically when you join Forever you are given guidance about what you can and can’t say and do online in order to remain compliant with legislation, rules are set by the Direct Selling Association, which protects us as business owners and our customers. Yes you are encouraged to attend events and I obviously promote my business through YouTube and my blog, but ultimately I sell products personally or through my online shop which you can link to at the top of the page – all things you can do too with my guidance and support.

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  19. How do you get paid with point? Does it go into your account?

    Also how do you build clients if you can’t advertise the product?

    • Bonus is paid into your bank. Retail profit you earn by buying at a discount and selling at recommended retail price. You can use the adverts provided by Forever, but we are mainly a word of mouth recommendation business, read my post on Retailing with Forever for tips on finding customers.

  20. Name : Manoj Shetty

    I have been associated with FLP from last 1.5 years but struggling to move forward in this business, just need help & guidance from you on ho wto grow FLP businesss and get maximum customers in your favour.

    Kindly help me

    • I am sorry but I need to concentrate on supporting my team. This is why choosing which team you join us so important. If you have not placed an order for 2 years you can transfer to another team.

      My advice is go to your sponsor /up line for support, attend company trainings and business presentations to connect with other business owners and try and reconnect with why you joined the business. There are many books and videos on Network Marketing which can also help you get back on track.

  21. Hi just wanted to know will u give support to set up and will u let me know how to boost my earnings …and first thing how can I interact with people.

    • I am currently looking for team members to mentor and support. Just use the contact me button at the top of the page and send me your details. I particularly need to know where you are from as requirements to join Forever can differ across the world.

  22. I’m interested in joining flp but why is Ireland so much more expensive that the UK for the starter pack. The exchange rate is not bad at the moment but the mark up is collosil. €303.20* or £199.75* Also why is the % commission we would get 30% in Ireland and 35% in UK?

    • I’d need to check for you regarding the % In the UK we have to abide by direct selling association rules so it can’t cost more than £200 to join so we have a smaller box. Although you pay more for your box you do get more products in it to account for the higher value.

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