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As I announced previously, Forever Living have relaunched a new weight management product to replace the  Clean 9 and Nutrilean programme.  The new Forever F.I.T. program still starts with the  Clean 9, with new supplements and a few other improvements to our fantastic cleansing program, then moves on to F.T.T.1 and F.I.T.2 giving a program which lasts a total of 69 days if you follow all 3.  You can choose to do all the elements or just pick the parts which fit your needs and goals. 

Step 1 – Clean 9

To make sure I can talk about the new products from personal experience I thought I had better start off by following the new Clean 9 program, then I can highlight the main differences and similarities between this new program and the old one.

Clean 9

Clean 9

Clean 9 – Preparation

To get the best results from your Clean 9 cleanse then you should plan when you are going to start the program carefully – all the advice from my previous post Clean 9 Cleansing Program Top Tips still holds true with the new program.

Clean 9 – Day 1 & 2

Your first day of the Clean 9 should start with weighing and measuring yourself, and filling out the measurements on page 19 of your booklet. The booklet comes with the pack or you can be downloaded from our Forever F.I.T. website. These measurements are going to show your starting  point in the program, and help you see how your body is changing.  You then follow the program on pags 5 and 6 of your booklet, and there is a handy tick list on pages 20 and 21 to keep track of your day.  I found I needed some help taking the measurements accurately, full instructions on where you should measure yourself are in the booklet. Garcenia tablets are  the first supplements you take on day 1, 20 minutes before you take your first dose of 4oz (120mls) of Aloe Vera.  This is the same as the old Clean 9, and for hints on how to make your Aloe Gel easier to swallow take a look at my post What Does Aloe Gel Taste Like.

Forever Therm

Forever Therm

There are two new supplements in your pack which you start taking from day 1 too.  Forever Therm is taken twice a day after your Aloe at Breakfast and Lunch time, and helps to boost your energy levels and kick start your metabolism.  It takes on the role that the Bee Pollen tablets used to do in the old Clean 9. Then there is Forever Fiber which you can either take mid morning or mid afternoon, whichever fits best with your day.  Fiber comes in a handy sachet and you mix the contents with 8-10 oz of water.  You need to make sure you take your Fiber separate from your other daily supplements as Fiber can bind to some nutrients, impacting their absorption by your body.  I found that the sachet of powder needed to be mixed well to dissolve, I mixed it with water and it really didn’t taste of anything at all. For more information on these two new supplements, which can also be bought separately, then get in touch via the Contact Me link at the top of the page. At lunchtime of Day 1 after your Garcenia, Aloe Gel and Forever Therm you can have 1 x Scoop of Forever Lite Ultra in your chosen flavour of either vanilla or chocolate.  You can swap the Lunch for the Dinner if you need to, I would recommend doing this if you go to an evening exercise class.  The shaker you get in the pack and the way the products are packaged do make them very portable and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  Many customers don’t realise there are 2 extra compartments that can be screwed onto the bottom of your shaker to easily carry your supplements and Aloe Gel.  Fore recipe ideas to make your shake even more tasty then take a look at this page on our website.

Free Foods

On days one and two of the old Clean 9 program you were only allowed to take the supplements and shakes as well as drinking lots of water.  I know many people struggled with this, as they just felt the urge to nibble on some real food over these first two days.  I regularly see questions such as “What happens if I cheat on Clean 9?” when people just had to succumb and nibble a piece of cucumber or eat some fruit. Well now in the new Clean 9 you are permitted to have FREE FOODS in moderation if those pangs just get the better of you.  In the brochure on page 11 there is a list of the permitted foods.  These foods all have a low glycemic index and are low in calories.  This means they have a minimal effect on your blood sugar so they can be eaten as snacks at any time in the program, even on days 1 and 2.  Just be sensible about it – if you eat a whole bowl of fruit you are unlikely to get the results from your Clean 9 that you are hoping for.


Don’t forget to Exercise every day during your Clean 9 cleanse too.  The first two days are very low in calories so you may have less energy than usual, so keep your exercise low to moderate impact. Saying that I have managed a full on Zumba class during the first two days when I have done the Clean 9 previously.  It’s all based on what your body is used to.  You can step up your exercise levels as you feel your energy increase later on in the program.

You’ve Finished Day 2!

Days 1 and 2 of the Cleansing program will have helped you to purge toxins from your body.  They are the most difficult days but they help reset your body’s ability to detoxify and set the stage for the following 7 days.  If you skip or cheat on these first 2 days then you obviously won’t get such good results.

Clean 9 – Days 3 to 9

AT the start of days 3, 6 and 9 you should repeat your measurements so you can gauge your progress. You should be aware that your weight may fluctuate day to day which is why we don’t suggest weighing yourself every day.  I often gained a little weight on day 4 or 5 of the old program, I’ll report back if this new one is any different. On days 1 and 2 you had 4 servings of Aloe each day, days 3 to 9 this reduces to 2, you add a 2nd shake and a 600 calorie meal.  You can choose if you have your meal at lunchtime or dinnertime, whatever fits best with your daily schedule. The new program also suggests that men can have an extra 200 calories on days 3 to 8 by adding a shake or having a larger meal.  You should stick to healthy unprocessed foods for your meals, there are recipe ideas on pages 13 and 14 of your booklet and on my posts by Tracy, a nutrition expert..  Eating 600 calories of chocolate for your meal, tempting thought that is, is not really the going to give you the new you that you are looking for! Day 9 has a slight variation, as it is suggested that instead of one of your shakes you have a 300 calorie meal in order to smooth your transition into Forever F.I.T.1, the next stage of the program.

What next?

Once you have completed your Clean 9 program you will want to build on your success and continue your hard work.  The next stage is Forever F.I.T.1 which is designed to teach you how to break your old bad habits and to help you look better and feel better.  You can read about F.I.T.1 and F.I.T. in this post. If you are interested in trying any of the products I have mentioned here then please get in touch.  I have an online shop where you can purchase the products, reached from my Forever F.I.T. webpage.  If you are local to us in the UK I would be happy to meet with you and show you the products in person. Should you feel you would like to build your own business by promoting these weight management products for yourself then get in touch about joining my team.

My C9 Cleanse results

My C9 Cleanse results

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    • I don’t quite understand your question. There is no other way to have the shake other than drinking it, but you can change the liquid you are mixing the shake with. Try mixing with coconut or almond milk, or even with water if you are not getting on with Dairy. If you really don’t like the shakes you can buy ProX2 bars in chocolate or cinnamon and substitute these high protein bars for one of your shakes each day. The shakes contribute to the good nutrition you need whilst on the Cleanse. I would not recommend just skipping this part of the program.

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