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When you are looking at embarking on a new career then one of the most important considerations is the quality of the training available to you.  If you are exiting your comfort zone and trying something new then you need to know that you are going to be guided along the way, and learning new skills to build your personal development.

If you have been to a Forever Living Business Presentation then you will have seen how we take training very seriously in Forever. In the UK Forever are Investor in People Gold award holders, and we were the first direct selling organisation in the UK to receive this award.

Company Training

Forever hosts and runs a large variety of events both in the UK and internationally which are there to inspire, teach, and offer you the chance to meet with other forever business owners.  We have a website which lists all the events and includes business presentations, success days and advisory board trainings held at out UK head office in Warwick as well as centres around the country.

As well as advisory board training led by a trained GP, Peter Atherton, beauty expert Dorne Parker and vet David Urch there are also accountancy training sessions and new business trainings held all over the UK.

F.I.T. Training in Milton Keynes

F.I.T. Training in Milton Keynes

Independent Training

The forever knowledge website is full of information about the products, the business, and tools and advice you can use to build your business.  Also, depending on who your sponsor is, you may well be able to access websites and training tools online to get you started. When you join, your sponsor will give you the links you need to join these websites.  Some require a monthly subscription and others are free.  Get advice from your sponsor and others in your team about which resources they have found most useful before choosing which services are worth paying for.  Do make sure if you are browsing websites that the information you are reading is from a reputable source.

Team Training

Your team will also organise trainings which can take several different formats depending on which team you are in. If you haven’t yet joined Forever it is worth asking your prospective sponsor what sort of team training they are able to offer.  As you work your way up the marketing plan business owners are required to put in place training resources for their own team, but this can greatly vary depending on who has sponsored you.  In my team my sponsor runs regular training sessions which we can either attend in person, or join on line via a free software link.  The most successful leaders in my wider team also have on line trainings we can download and watch in our own time, and there are regular events we can attend in person if you live in the UK.

Also if you do not live near the rest of the team then often business owners will be welcomed by others to attend their more local events.  You will find when you go out and meet other distributors that most are always happy to help and to share what has worked for them in the business.  It is by nature a warm, caring and sharing community.

Team Training

Team Training

Personal Development

When you get your Business Owner Box (Formerly known as the New Distributors Pack) you will find your First Steps to Manager booklet.  You should book your first planning meeting with your sponsor as soon as you can, and they will support you in planning how you are going to build your business.  There are hints and tips and calls to action and it’s an excellent resource to start your personal development within Forever Living.  I also recommend that you read Peter Atherton’s book Aloe Vera, The Medicine Plant and David Urch’s book Natures Gift  : Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice.  There are many other books which you can read to help with your new network marketing career.  Ask your sponsor about which books helped them.  You may be able to borrow the books from other team members rather than having to buy your own copies straight away.

When do you want to start?

So you can see how when you join Forever Living you will not be short of excellent quality training to really get your business growing.  What are you waiting for ?  Get in touch today and find out how you can join our team and start building your business, and we can book your first training session today.

First Steps to Manager

First Steps to Manager

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