Forever Products for Sports Professionals

If you are a sports professional who has to undergo testing for anti-doping purposes then we have a whole range of products which you can use with confidence.


Product Testing

Many of our products have been tested and certified by HFL Sport Science, including some of our best sellers.  For a current full list then get in touch with us.  HFL Sport Science is one of the world’s leading surveillance laboratories providing internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for sports.

HFL Sport Science has about 50 years experience in the science of sports doping control (equine, canine and human).  They have experience of testing within the framework of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and maintain accreditation for testing sports supplements to control contamination with banned substances.

Heat Lotion

How to Order

We do not put all our products through HFL testing, so if you require any tested products rather than ordering on line then get in touch via e-mail or phone with your order.  We then need to order your products separately from our head office for you.  Your products will be tested and accredited by the HFL and will come with a certificate to demonstrate that they have been through this process.

60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

You should leave as much time as possible to allow us to place your orders as delivery may be on a longer lead time depending on stock levels.  And don’t forget our 60 day satisfaction guarantee which is not affected by this special ordering process.



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