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If you are looking at network marketing and trying to decide which company you would like to join, then the first thing you need to be sure of is does the company you are looking at have products you can trust.  It was the products which first made me fall in love with Forever Living after doing the Clean 9 for the first time in early 2012.

Once you have found a product you are happy to associate with, you need to know if the company is going to offer you all the support you need to help you grow your business.  I have already written posts about the training you are offered both by Forever Living, and more personally through the team you join, but what about on-line resources?  A lot of business is done on the internet these days, so do Forever give you the tools you need to share your fantastic new business?


Firstly when you join Forever Living you are sent a welcome letter with the details of two websites to help you manage and run your business.

The first is where you have an on-line shop to order your discounted products through, 30% discount for Assistant Supervisors in the UK and 15% if you have joined by placing an order for £100 of products. The minimum order quantity once you have joined is £50 of products.  This website is also full of information about news, events and training, and also keeps a record of your volume of business and that of your team once you start building your own.  When you are growing your business it’s really exciting to see the graphic of the Aloe Bottle filling up at the side of your screen.

Next Goal

The second website is which is a fantastic resource of product information, frequently asked questions, company information and help and advice about growing your team too.  This website has many pages which are free to view, but there is the option of subscribing for just £10 a month to open up many more resources and websites which you can use to promote your business online.

Both sites have lots of information about forever which people interested in Forever can look at too – so click on the links and have a good look round.  These are just the first of many website resources you can gain access to.  We also have a personalised retail shop which you can direct customers to.  You can see mine if you click on Buy Forever Living at the top of this page (just check it has my name in the top left).  Customers have no minimum order quantity and can order for personal delivery to their homes, so you can share this page nationally, and internationally if your business has gone global.

Online Magazines

Forever also regularly produce seasonal on-line magazines. Anyone can share these with people interested in joining, but if you subscribe to Forever Knowledge the magazines have links which will direct customers to your own personal shop.

Forever Knowledge

The latest magazine just released as I write this post is our Sports & Weight Management magazine.  Just click to the back page and you can see how it has been personalised with my details and a link to my own shop.  These magazines have fantastic articles with you can share with your customers, such as the one by Craig Gillies, who used to play Rugby with Worcester Warriors.  I heard Craig talk at one of our company trainings and he proves that Forever is not just for girls! (Featured on page 31)

If you look at the menus down the right of my blog you will always see links to the latest magazines available from Forever such as Aloe Matters, as well as seasonal gift guides for Christmas.

Join Us

So you can be reassured that when you decide that Forever Living is the network marketing company for you, with the support from Forever itself and by joining our team you will be able to build your own fantastic business and achieve all your dreams.  Get in touch today for more information, and take a look at the Business Building magazine to find out more about becoming a Forever Business Owner.

Join my team and I'll give you a helping hand.

Join my team and I’ll give you a helping hand.

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