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I met Tracy Gravestock through the Milton Keynes Women in Business meeting, and we hit if off straight away.  Tracy knows her stuff when it comes to good nutrition, and with the Clean 9 program I am often asked for 600 calorie meal ideas.  I’ve asked Tracy to write this guest post about her history and her business, and as a bonus she has a meal idea suitable for days 3 to 9 of the Clean 9 which even includes dessert!

I’m just about still in my forties,as I hit the big 50 later this year.

My past has seen me thin, fat, thin,fatter,& morbidly obese.

Fat as a child ,anorexic at 18 fat at 22,fatter at 25 by the time I was 28 officially classed as morbidly obese.

I officially had a really bad relationship with food, hence the sizes.

My answer was to work with the stuff.

I joined the army at 18……I had to lose 5 stone to get it, I just took the dieting too far & carried on,thinking that bones sticking out was a really good look.

I joined the Army Catering Corp. I served almost 4 years, I loved that time & experience it gave me.

I’ve now been a chef for well over 30 years, currently have my own catering contract supplying breakfast, lunch & afternoon tea & cakes within an office/ manufacturing site.

As the years went by & as I put it “life gets in the way of life” I became morbidly obese –I hit the scales at 22 stone 6lbs at 5ft 7” size 30 as long as it was an elasticated waist.

I can go on and on with the stories of those fat years, but for sure it was lonely & uncomfortable.

When we took on our business, running around a kitchen all day took it out on me, I found waking & that walk down the stairs horrendous. That soon became the wake up call.

Tracy before her weight loss

Tracy age 26

Action needed to be taken: I was yet again going to join a slimming club for the umpteenth time! Whilst there that first night a lady spoke, we chatted, we said we’d meet again the following week- we did- over time we supported each other & kept each other going. She lost 3 ½ stone as I lost 11 stone. I went from Size 30 to size 10 in 3 whole years.

Tracy after her weight loss

Tracy age 45

I’ve kept most of the weight off for the last 10 years although I’m currently a size 14. I feel more comfortable, going down to a size 10 was really a mistake I almost fell back to my teenage years of those bones sticking out. I had to find middle ground to settle my weight & size so I could maintain.

I found an interest in health & fitness, I soon became a gym junkie, I loved weights, heavier the better. I soon learned that my slimming club didn’t like the fact I was drinking protein shakes- they apparently aren’t part of the plan! That night was the last time I attended a class.

As years went by I was always on the look out for a decent nutrition course, I wanted to learn, I wanted to know what to eat, when & why.

I soon found a 12month certification course that ticked my boxes. Very proud to say I was one of a few to have completed & passed the course ( this February 2015)

I started the course to widen my own knowledge, I soon got hungry to share that knowledge & try to help other people.

I set up Nutritous my version of a slimming club with a bespoke difference.

I’ve a hotel meeting room,so we have warmth & comfort, I bake a tasty treat so my members don’t go home & reward themselves badly after that nights weigh in. I create everyone’s nutrition plans as an individual – taking into account likes/ dislikes, allergies, any intolerances, any physical training & more importantly the goals the client has.

I give my members 100% support via email/ text & the facebook group.

I also send my members 10 random weekly recipes.

I love this little group I’ve created, to see people change their lives for a  better  healthier lifestyle, what more could be more rewarding.

I’ve got a recipe website too , so here is an example of a 600 calorie meal.

Great tasting fresh food & even a dessert thrown in. Click on the images below to read the recipes.

Main Meal

Main Meal – 316 Calories


Side Dish – 127 Calories


Dessert – 156 Calories

Thank you for being so honest Tracy, it is always fascinating to see how and why people have set up their own business and what has led them to this point in their life.  Check out Tracy’s facebook page for more fabulous recipes.

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