Network Marketing v Self Employed

Being your own Boss

Many people dream of running their own business.  It means you can follow your own path, and work towards building your own future, rather than being an employee and working to build someone else’s dreams.

However in a traditional self employed business you can often feel very alone in what you do.  There is no-one to go to for business advice, and  you may not want to admit to your peers if you need advice or you are struggling.

I have run my own IT business with my husband for many years, and we are the lucky ones.  Many businesses don’t last a year let alone 16 years as we have.

The Network Marketing Difference

When I was introduced to Forever Living in 2012 I quickly realised how being your own boss within a network marketing environment is totally different.  With this way of working I am running my own business and building my own future, but I am not alone.

I have the support of my sponsor, of my team, of the wider team through my up-line and from the leaders in the company too.  That’s a lot of support.  With all the training and resources you get from Forever Living I never feel alone.

You are taught to follow the tried and tested business model, and you will quickly find the others you meet on the same journey are happy to share their hints and tips with you, offering you a helping hand.

Network Marketing

So by joining a network marketing company you can gain all the benefits of being your own boss, but with all the advantages of being part of a vibrant and supportive team.

Contact me if you would like to find out more and join the team.

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