Retailing with Forever Living

To build your business under the umbrella of Forever Living then you need to start with a solid base.  Every business owner must do this, and the first step is through retailing products. Retailing according to the Business Dictionary is a “commercial transaction in which a buyer intends to consume the goods or service through personal, family or household use”.

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So many products…

The Forever Living marketing plan is grounded by every business owner retailing a certain amount of products every month, and this is where as a new forever business owner you should first focus your energies to build up and maintain your retail business.  You have the flexibility of having several retail outlets to help you do this :

  1. Be your own best customer.  When you first join Forever Living you should look at any products you personally use on yourself, for your family or in your house which can be replaced by products from your own shop. If you are not willing to use Forever products then how can you expect others you know to try them?
  2. Retail Customers.  You can promote our products through your forever shop by chatting to people, giving product demonstrations, lending out products, asking for referrals and through running stalls at events. On social media join in conversations when your friends are talking about their problems and casually offer to loan them products to try.  For more distant friends and family you have the link to your on-line shop to send to them.
  3. Novus Customers.  When someone joins your team on the bottom rung of the Forever marking plan, as a Novus Customer, they get a 15% discount themselves, but until they get their first promotion, their product purchases will count towards your retailing target.  If you customers do not want to join the business, but love to use lots of our products, with a simple £100 order they can become a Novus Customer and benefit from a 15% discount on everything they buy.  It’s a great way to ensure customer loyalty.
Forever Event Stall

Forever Stall

Building a Strong Team

The secret of building a great team is having a lot of people each doing a little bit, thereby spreading the load and you all sharing in the benefits.  If you could build up 40 team members each just doing this small volume of retailing a month then you would qualify for the foreign travel, bonus cheques and other bonuses that are available further up the marketing plan in Forever.  It also means if one team member drops out you will have lost just a small part of your bonus.

So attend the trainings, read the literature, and learn how to build a great retail business, then help your team members to do the same, and you will soon have a business you can be proud of.

So if you are looking for a forever living team to join then please get in touch and I can start you on your journey.