Clean 9 Cleanse Day 5 – What can you eat on Clean 9 ?

If you don’t know what the Clean 9 cleanse is, then please take a look at my previous post about the 9 Day cleanse Program, and also my previous Video diaries from Day 1, about what is included in the program, and Day 2 about the best way to prepare for your cleanse.

The common misconception about the Clean 9 is that you can’t eat at all, but this is only the case in the first 2 days. You only give your body a break from full meals at the start, then from days 3 to 9 you include a healthy 600 calorie meal into your program, either at lunch time or for an evening meal.  So tonight I recorded a video about what you can eat whilst my dinner is cooking!

You need to try and avoid processed food and high sugar and fat content whilst doing the cleanse, and if you would like to see some wonderful healthy recipes then please take a look at my previous posts All About Nutritous and Nutritious Nutrition.

Remember you also have free foods, a list of which is found in the booklet you get when you buy the program, which include many fruits and vegetables, mostly eaten raw, which are low in GI.  As of December 2016 the programme has been updated with more information about Free Foods – you can read a summary of what you need to do in my post Clean 9 Free Foods – Updated.

If you decide that you would like to try the Clean 9 yourself then please get in touch.  I can share with you lots of hints and tips and more recipe ideas to make your cleanse really successful and tasty. So get in touch to find out how to buy your own Clean 9 pack and get started on a new you.

I am also currently looking for people who are looking for extra income to join my growing team, and if you have a business which involves health or fitness, adding the Clean 9 to your business by joining my team could be just what you are looking for.  We offer full support and training to new team members, get in touch to find out more.

4 thoughts on “Clean 9 Cleanse Day 5 – What can you eat on Clean 9 ?

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  2. Hi Alison, I stumbled upon your website. I do hope you can help me with the following question.
    A friend of mine would like to start on Clean 9 but she definitely doen’t want to loose weight. What does she do?
    Thanks, from the Netherlands…

    • You can’t guarantee that she won’t lose weight, especially on days one and two as it is inevitable with the very low calorie intake. I would recommend they still do the Clean 9 but use Full Fat milk rather than skimmed, and add maybe a small extra meal in during the day on days 3 to 9. The cleanse part is in the first 2 days, although at the company training we were told that if your body doesn’t need to lose weight, it won’t. I recommend if you are a Forever Business Owner that you attend the weight management training as they answer questions like this, and give us guidance on how to tailor the program for our customers.

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