Believe in Yourself

I find the biggest barrier people have in getting started in their Network Marketing career is their belief in them self.  Most people bring with them the old beliefs they had about themselves and this can poison their new opportunity.

Maybe you have always been told you will never amount to anything.  Maybe you dropped out of school as it just wasn’t the right environment for you, and those around you told you that you would never succeed in anything in life.  It is hard not to carry these beliefs into your adult life.

So when you come into our business, which is truly open to anybody, you bring these beliefs with you, like a weight on your shoulders, you may love the products, and believe in the company, but you don’t truly believe that it can work for YOU.  How many of us can relate to this in life?

When we start in our network marketing business it can be quite daunting.  People say no, people don’t turn up to meetings or aren’t willing to try our products, and all these things can have a negative effect on us if we let them.  When negative thoughts are starting to impact on your actions this is when you need to stop and learn to identify the problem, and learn to manage your thoughts, your internal voice, and remember the ABC of thought management:

  • Attitude Impacts Actions
  • Belief Impacts Behaviour
  • Thought content impacts Life content.

Changing Self Belief

When you are talking to people they need to know who you are, but first you need to recognise who you are.  This is all to do with developing a positive self-image. Your behaviours and actions will very rarely deviate from the way you think about yourself. If you believe you are not confident speaking to strangers, then you will subconsciously sabotage yourself when you try to do just that.  Your lack of confidence will be projected outwardly and those you are trying to talk to will pick up on that.

So think about some of those limiting beliefs you have – here are a few ideas, but make it an exercise to recognise and note down any others which are more personal to you:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I am unworthy of success
  • Other people are better then me
  • I can’t run a business and look after my children
  • I’m a fraud
  • I’m not a great team leader
  • I’m not meant to have money

Now everyone has this negative self talk going on in their head, especially when you are getting started in a network marketing career.  Just ask any of the successful leaders in your industry and I’m sure they all started out struggling with their self belief. What you need to do is stop and recognise these negative thoughts, and turn them around to the positive alternative.  So with the examples above you can change your thoughts to :

  • I AM good enough.
  • I am WORTHY of success
  • I am just as good as everyone else here – if they can do this so can I
  • I can run a successful business and be there for my children too
  • I am a fair and just business owner, doing the best for my customers
  • I’m a GREAT team leader
  • I deserve to be wealthy

Positive Steps

Try this exercise yourself of noting down your own limiting beliefs and turning them around to their positive alternative.

Every thought you have will effect how you think of yourself.  If you write down and repeat every day the positive alternatives to your most crippling negative self talk, then you will start to change your self belief.  You need to constantly work on your mindset and your belief and praise yourself every step of the way for all the amazing things you have done.

If you think you haven’t done anything good today then just stop for a minute, and think. It might be the smallest thing like passing on a smile to someone who looked glum today and cheering them up, it might be a great piece of customer service, it might be something you have done for a family member.  When you have stopped to recognise the positives in your life today then just remind yourself how fantastic you are.  Tell yourself that you are no longer interested in the old beliefs and you will be installing new beliefs.

Write down your positive self talk and say it to yourself every day before you leave the house, repeat them before an important meeting or before picking up the phone, and at the end of the day stop and think of 3 positive things you feel grateful for that day and write them down, so you go to sleep thinking positive thoughts.

Take your notes of your 3 positive things and put them each day in a jar or a box, then when you are feeling low and the negative thoughts are starting to weigh you down then take out the notes and read through them.  I can guarantee they will bring back happy memories and bring a smile back to your face.

Team Champagne Leaders

Team Leaders in Forever Living – Smiling and believing in themselves!

Want to know more ?

If you would like to know more about joining my network marketing business, I am a Forever Living Business Owner, then take a look at our Business Brochure, then contact me to find out more information, and we can work on YOUR self belief together.

This blog post was inspired by a Forever Living Team Training day I attended in January 2016 which was led by the ladies pictured above.





3 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I am considering joining Forever Living and am doing some research beforehand, this topic is the one thing making me wonder if it’s a good idea for me to go for it.

    I am a positive and confident person but occasionally have “wobbly days” – which can turn into a wobbly week if I’m not careful, I think this is because I have no mindset in place to get back on track? I’ve always just kind of waited for it to pass, as forcing it to seems to make it worse, but after this I will be trying your wonderful tips! Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed to read today – I am now even more excited to be part of Forever Living and I know what I need to do to improve 🙂

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