New Forever F.I.T.

As the sports and weight management industry continues to grow and innovate, Forever is constantly adapting and expanding its range of products to meet increasing demands and to find new and innovative solutions to that age old problem of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To find out about the new Clean 9 (C9)  and F.I.T. Fifteen (F15)  weight management programmes , visit my Weight Management Website which has been updated with information about the relaunched products.  I’ve also included here a summary of some of the changes.

C9 Changes

The C9 program still contains the same great products, but the booklet has been updated with new exercise ideas and shake recipes, as well as expanding on the advice about Free Foods (see Clean 9 Free Foods Updated).  I know in the past some customers found it confusing about which free foods you should eat and worried about the effect they would have on the cleanse, but this great new booklet advises how often you can have the fruits and veggies suggested, including some one serving foods, some for two servings, and others which can be eaten freely.c9

You can download the booklet from the website linked to above, or click here to access the information directly.  You also get a copy of the booklet in your C9 pack when you order.

I am also commonly asked about ideas for the 500-600 calorie meals you eat on days 3 to 9 of the programme, and the booklet has some delicious recipe ideas to keep you on plan.

The New F15

F15 is a 15 day programme which ideally should be followed after the C9, but can be followed at any time.  The programme includes all the Forever Supplements you need together with recipe ideas, dietary advice and an exercise programme to follow.  The pack comes in Beginner which is designed to hep you learn how to build healthy habits , and then the intermediate program follows on when you are ready to step up your routine.  Once you have worked through the beginner and intermediate programmes you can then move to the F15 Advanced pack.f15

Each of the 3 packs contains two possible fifteen-day regimes to follow so you can choose the one which best suits your lifestyle.  In the Beginner pack the meal schedules and exercise plans differ slightly so look carefully when you are choosing which to follow.  With Intermediate and Advanced the supplement and meal schedules in the two regimes are identical, but the exercise plans vary so you can choose the most suitable regime for your lifestyle and the results you want to achieve.

You can download all the booklets from the F15 page on my weight management website, and if you purchase the packs you will get your own booklet to work through and fill in to help you on your journey to fitness.  You can also access videos of workouts you can follow on the program at

Where to Buy C9 and F15

You can purchase the C9 and F15 packs through the Shop Now button on  my fitness website or get in touch via the contact me section on this website.

Should you wish to become a distributor of these fantastic products yourself,  it is possible to join Forever Living by purchasing one of these packs. Please get in touch for more details about this option as I am currently growing my business and looking for potential partners to mentor and support in the health and fitness sector.

Be Mindful of your Health

Please note that the F.I.T. programme (C9 and F15) should not be taken by anyone who has diabetes, kidney disease, epilepsy, heart disease or dementia.

It should not be followed during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, and it is not suitable for children. If you have any medical condition or are taking medication, please consult your doctor before starting the programme.

This programme may not be suitable if you are obese or underweight. Check your BMI and consult your doctor before changing your diet and exercise regime.

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