Benefits of Joining Forever Living

Following on from my post entitled ‘why do YOU want to join Forever Living’, I’ve been thinking about the benefits you can gain from joining this network marketing company.  They are not always the most obvious benefits that you think you will get.  There are often hidden benefits too.

More Money

Well, this is the obvious one!  Most people do join as they need an income, either on top of their day job or a little extra each month to make life more comfortable.  If you are going to earn more money from Forever Living however then you need to treat it seriously like a job, and not like a hobby.  It will probably cost you more than you earn if you do not give your business the time and attention is deserves.coins-163517_640


Being your own boss and earning more money both can give you freedom of choice.  You choose when to work, you can choose who to work with, and if you build a successful business then you could earn the freedom to choose where to send your children to school or where to live.  The opportunities are endless.relax-2265248_640


When you attend our Forever Living business presentations there are often speaker training sessions before or after the presentation.  The people presenting at these events are Forever Living Business Owners who joined the business just like you and came and listened to the presentations done by others.  But gradually through experience and a growth in confidence, many people gradually take the opportunity to participate in the evenings, usually first with a short testimonial about why they have joined the business until eventually, they move onto participating in the presentation itself.  It is wonderful to see the confidence of others grow in this way as they learn to speak in front of a room of strangers (who become friends!) With forever you learn to believe in yourself,self-confidence-2121159_640


The very nature of a network marketing business is that you are helping others, either by supplying products or by mentoring others to build a business.  You cannot help making friends both within your own team or with other Forever Living business owners at company trainings if you are approachable and helpful.  Most business owners I have met are generous by their very nature, otherwise, they would not have been successful in their business.Team Champagne Leaders

A Sense of Purpose

Many people who join Forever have lacked a sense of purpose in their day to day life.  They may have been on maternity leave and feel they have lost their individual identity now they are ‘Mum’, they may have been made redundant and feel they are on the scrap heap no longer able to find a new job, or maybe they are in a job where they feel unappreciated and need something else in their lives.  I have seen Forever Living give many of my team members a fantastic sense of purpose back in their lives again.csm_prize_draw_questionnaires_0804bb92f9

Want to join us?

If any of these benefits are something you feel is missing in your life, then why not contact me about starting your own Forever Living journey and joining us?  Let me know which benefit appeals to you most and I can see what I can do to help you benefit from joining Forever Living too.  It is easy to join online, see my previous post, or just get in touch and we can have an informal chat.

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