Joining Forever Living in India

Forever Living is a truly international business, and once you join in your home country you can then build a retail business or a team in any of the over 150 countries where Forever have been given the approval to operate.  This means that if you have friends or family in another country, you can introduce them to your new business and support them in building their own business in their home country.

Every company has slightly different rules in how they operate, so in this post I’ll tell you about joining Forever in India.  There are particular India specific rules and regulations which are different to most other countries which you need to be aware of.

Signing up as a Forever Living Distributor in India

There are 2 options available.  If you are joining with a distributor who is based in India or visiting, then you can fill out a Business Owner Application Form at any one of the many Forever Living offices in India.  This form needs to be signed by both the recruiting business owner and the new applicant.  The applicant also needs to have a Self-attested Proof and a copy of the PAN card and to place a minimum order of INR 1000/- (including taxes) to become a new active business owner.

The 2nd option which I use as a sponsor who cannot personally visit an Indian office is to direct the applicant to and click on Join at the top right-hand side of the page. You must have the 12 digit sponsor ID ready at this point for the form.  If you want me, Alison Mead, to be your sponsor then you can use the ID 440100686316.  This form can then be printed and signed just by the application (the sponsor does not need to sign) and sent to your local office with the same support information listed above (the Self-attested Proof and a copy of the PAN card).   In this case, the initial order is not required when you send in your application, but it needs to be made before you become an active distributor.

Make sure if you are joining in India using either method you fully read all the terms and conditions on the joining forms before signing up.India Joining form

Sponsoring in India

There are strict foreign exchange rules applicable in India.  Bonuses generated in India can only be paid into Indian bank accounts, and you need to adhere to Reserved Bank of India (RBI) rules to remit monies abroad.  In effect, this means if you are based outside of India and build a team in India you cannot have any bonuses paid to you in another country without registering as a company in India first.  But you can still benefit from the case credits your team in India earn for your promotions within the business.

If you plan to build a large team in India then the head office there will send you full information on how to best follow the process to benefit from your bonuses generated in the country.

Need more Information?

If you want to learn more about being a Forever Living Distributor in India and how the business works, then take a look at this New Distributor Pricing Pamphlet for details. You can request information about where the local offices are in the country from the India head office, Forever Plaza, 74 Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400 050 or email the head office at where the staff are incredibly helpful and supportive.

If you are looking for a sponsor then please Contact Me and I can put you in touch with my team in India or answer any questions you may have.

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