Preferred Customer Programme

Forever Living are changing away from the current Novus Customer offering to a new Preferred Customer Programme.  Novus Customer was something that those who love the products and wanted to get them a little cheaper often joined, or it could be the first step to starting your own Forever business.

But to help business owners make the most of the opportunities of the business plan they are changing the system,  We don’t advocate discounting the prices of products as it devalues them for all, but we do like to reward customers for their loyalty and this new preferred customer programme will do just that.  Also, the first minimum order quantity to qualify for the discount is being reduced.

So in the future to become a preferred customer the discount is being reduced to 5% (from the Novus Customer 15% discount) and the minimum order is going down to £75.

If you are already a Forever Business Owner and your current Novus customers are going to stop ordering due to the reduced discount level, then you can always buy and supply the products yourself and still offer them the 15% discount to keep their continuity – whilst bringing new people on board at the new levels.

Looking after customers properly is a time-consuming but rewarding thing, and we as Forever Business Owners deserve to get the 25% commission we will not get for our Preferred Customer orders, after all this is our business and we need to work to offer excellent customer service and keep up to date with all the products, so this is a really positive move for us.

Signing Up Preferred Customers

It used to be a bit of a pain signing up Novus Customers – they had to fill out an application form and it had to be submitted with their £100 order, so Forever has improved the sign-up process which can be done entirely online, with as I said the minimum order reducing to £75.

If you are in Ireland this change is not coming into effect straight away so there the Novus Customer is still available until further notice.

If you have any questions and you are a Forever Living business owner then please talk to your upline or contact head office.  For UK business owners there is a frequently asked questions page on Forever Knowledge which can answer most of your questions.