NHS Charities Together

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Forever UK has decided to switch our online £1 charity donations from the Bush Fire Relief Fund to NHS Charities Together Emergency Covid-19 Urgent Appeal. This is for the UK and for Northern Ireland only, with the Republic of Ireland returning back to Rise Against Hunger.

The switch took place week commencing 18th May 2020

What is the NHS Charities National COVID-19 Urgent Appeal?
NHS charities are the legal way that the NHS receives, holds and spends charitable funds. The beneficiaries of NHS charities are NHS patients and funds are spent in addition to core NHS funding, they do not replace government money. There are 230 NHS charities in the country.

NHS Charities Together is the national umbrella organisation for these charities, working closely with the Charity Commission, Department of Health and Social Care, and BHS England, Scotland and Wales to represent, champion and support the NHS’ official charities.

Key Messages for COVID-19: Four ways to help the NHS

  1. Follow NHS and Government guidance on how to keep yourself and others safe
  2. Support your family and friends through your social messaging and communications networks
  3. Support your local NHS – there are over 200 NHS charities dedicated to supporting patient care at their hospitals, ambulance trusts, mental and community health bodies.
  4. Fundraise in aid of or donate to the NHS Charities National Appeal that acknowledges and supports NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by COVID-19

How can Forever Business Owners (FBOs) and customers donate in the UK?
From week commencing 18th May, FBOs and customers will be able to opt in to donate £1 whilst purchasing products via the online store. This can be done by following the below instructions:

  • Click on the Buy Forever Living at the top of this page
  • Click Enter Shop and choose Great Britain
  • Add selected products into your shopping cart
  • When viewing the contents of your shopping cart, select ‘Add NHS Charities Together £1 donation’
  • The £1 will be added to the order total

How the funds will be spent

The NHS Charities Together work with Trustees, members and the CCLA to set up an emergency grants fund for members.

  1. Regular grants to NHS Charities – this will quickly grant our funds from the National Campaign to NHS charities to spend quickly on enhancing the wellbeing of NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by COVID-19 such as
    1. Funding wellbeing packs for staff, volunteers and on wards
    2. Supporting patients’ mental health through isolation
    3. Benevolence
    4. Other items identified by members of their NHS bodies that enhance wellbeing
  2. Post pandemic grants to NHS members – an amount of funds will be spent after the crisis on supporting the mental health and recovery of NHS staff and volunteers. This will be in the form of grants that provide respite, rehabilitation and mental health recovery of NHS staff and their families
  3. Grants to NHS charities to support their voluntary, care and hospice sector so that NHS patients leave hospital more quickly and safely, stay or remain out of hospital. Supporting the integrated care partnerships in this way significantly reduces stress on the NHS and provides the wrap around provision for patients which is vitally needed.

For more information, please visit https://www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk/