Are you suffering with Maskne?

We are all having to get used to wearing facemasks when out and about now, especially if you are going to any enclosed spaces like the shops or to the doctors or on public transport, and in the uk they are expanding the areas where you need to wear masks to other areas where you will meet ‘strangers’ in an indoors environment like museums and cinemas.

Wearing a mask for a short space of time for me isn’t too bad, but I know for some people it can make you feel claustrophobic or short on oxygen. I do however have a husband and a best friend who are partially deaf, so I’ve found a novel solution for that with a mask with a clear panel.

You can even see me smile in my special lipreading mask.

But if you work in an environment where you are constantly customer facing, like my daughter who works at a local pub restaurant,or you work in healthcare, you can start to suffer with maskne, or a new outbreak of acne due to wearing a mask for long periods every day.

So how can you combat this problem and give your skin it’s best chance to remain clear and bright during this global pandemic?

Avoiding Maskne

  • Avoid harsh scrubs and thick creams and be kind and gentle on your skin. Products like the Sonya Daily Skincare range, which contain aloe gel are super kind to the skin.
  • Be sure to allow the products you use to be fully absorbed before putting on your face mask if you can.
  • When you return home and can remove the mask gently cleans your skin to remove the build up of seat and debris gently.
  • Wash your mask regularly. It’s best to use a clean mask at least each day if you are using a cloth mask, and if you need to swap masks during the day wrap your mask in a small bag when you remove it and wash carefully when you return home to prevent a build up of germs from causing more problems. The Forever Living Multi Purpose Detergent (MPD) can be used for machine washing or hand washing your masks and has the bonus of being environmentally friendly too. You only need a few drops for handwashing or half a cup per washing machine load and it is kind to your hands and your clothes.
  • Avoid wearing thick foundation under your mask if you can. A gently tinted moisturiser will mean you are less likely to block your pores and cause more problems. Concentrate on making your eyes stand out, after all that is what people will notice first when you are wearing your mask.

As a bit of fun why not show me your mask selfies on our facebook page at . I think we will be wearing masks for a long time yet so we may as well make the best of it and get used to them if we can.

Stay Safe, Aloe Aly x

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