The Search for Keto Bread

When I first did Keto I struggled for portable packed lunch ideas to have ready to take out. I’d always had a sandwich for lunch and I’m not a salad fan even now.

A Pre Keto Typical Lunch

To start with I bought Joseph’s Lavash wraps through Mark at Keto fitness club. These aren’t clean Keto due to the ingredients but they are a lot lower carb than regular bread. They were a life saver in preventing me from making bad choices with fast food when I was out and about. Following a keto lifestyle for me is not being 100% on it all of the time, but making the best decisions I can while eating foods that remain convenient. I still have a few cheats but it hasn’t stopped me achieving the results I was looking for.

A Lavash Sandwich

After my break from Keto when I cambered back on the wagon the Keto Fitness Club had new recipes including some pretty good bread alternatives using almond flour and linseed. I tried the almond butter bread and the tahini bread but they really weren’t to my taste. The 90 second bread and 2 minute breads were OK but still not quite right for me.

90 Second Bread

When Michele Cooper joined Keto Fitness Club she was on a mission to find a bread recipe her husband would accept, and from her experimentation Megga Loaf was born.

This bread started of as my nemesis. Again it is not strict Keto as it uses vital wheat gluten so isn’t gluten free, but I couldn’t get my loaf to be anything other than a bit of a brick as I couldn’t mix and prove it well enough to get the ait in. I didn’t know if it was my yeast or my method.

Early Bread Experiments

My husband then surprised me with a kenwood chef mixer with a dough hook but my bread still wouldn’t rise and get airy. I always ate my failures as I hate waste but I was getting frustrated.

I then remembered my Mum still had my Dad’s old breadmaker in the back of a cupboard. He loved making bread but since we lost him to cancer it just wasn’t mum’s thing. So I borrowed the breadmaker and tried my loaf in there. My breadmaker had instructions for a normal loaf which was all the wet ingredients, then all the dry ingredients, and then put the yeast in a well on top so I tried that method.

Light and airy.

Well finally I had the most wonderful loaf, light, airy, and delicious. I think if I had tried this loaf earlier in my Keto journey I would have struggled with the taste in comparison to my old white loaf habit. But getting this bread after more than a year of no toast was just heaven.

Every successful loaf is celebrated

I did this video about making this bread and uploaded it to YouTube as how to do the Megga Loaf recipe in a breadmaker is a very common question asked on the Keto Fitness Club support group regularly.

So if you want to try this recipe too then go and look up the Megga Loaf in the Keto Fitness Club free recipe library here under the breads section and please let me know how you get on.

And if you struggle to get the ingredients such as the Vital Wheat Gluten and Oat Fibre needed I get mine from Whole Foods Online, but now Keto Fitness Club sells the loaves, rolls and pizza bases through a partnership with a local bakery in Northamptonshire, and also packs made up of the dry ingredients if you want to try your own without buying loads of ingredients.

I now make bread about once a fortnight as I don’t eat it every day, especially as lockdown means I don’t need packed lunches right now. There are also fab new recipes using the megga loaf as a base like pizza bases and cinnamon swirls. Each loaf I make reminds me of my Dad and how he loved making his own bread. I just wish he was still around to share my new love of food with me.

Family flashback.
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