Forever Living – a distributors perspective


I am independent distributor of Forever Living products.

I have been running my own successful IT business (Silicon Bullet) with my husband Paul since 2000, and enjoy my work and the challenges it brings. I supply, install and train Sage Accounts software and ACT! Contact management software – and have been networking in Northamptonshire where we are based and through networking found out again about Forever Living Products – having used some of the products for the last 7 years,

I started drinking the Aloe Gel in March 2012.. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 2 years old and had to have a hip replacements at the age of 36 due to the damage growing up with this terrible disease left me with. I really needed to lose some weight so in April 2012 I did the Clean 9 cleanse and managed to shift off the weight plateau I had been on for almost 9 months.

Following such great results, and having real confidence in the products, I decided to become a distributor in June 2012. I wanted to try out a much wider range of the products, and also just naturally through talking to people I meet through my existing business and socially found I was ‘selling’ the products without even trying.

Fast forward to January 2013, and I received my first promotion and pay rise in the business, and really started building my team and honing my mentoring and leadership skills.

So now I run two businesses alongside each other – and one of the reasons I have the energy to do so is I have continued to drink Aloe Gel every day. Where I used to need an afternoon sleep, now I am raring to go and really enjoying the challenges these businesses give me.

Forever Living is a ‘cling film’ business that can fit perfectly into your life, fitting around your current commitments and giving you the opportunity to build up a full time income with part time hours. This business is my pension, and I am growing and benefiting from the Investors in People accredited training too.

Just get in touch to join me on this exciting journey – and allow me to share with you how Forever Living has changed my life and can change yours too.

By Alison Mead

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