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Having been introduced to Tracy in her last guest post, this time Tracy is sharing with us some nutrition tips.  Like last month Tracy has also given us another delicious 600 calorie meal idea too.

Tracy after her weight loss.

Tracy from Nutritous

My protocol isn’t about eliminating any food groups.

I follow the principal of keeping our insulin / blood sugar stable.

Which means we really have to keep an eye open for hidden sugars.

If something has been manufactured, you can guess it’s going to contain a huge amount of hidden sugar.

Problem being, we eat these products & feel great for like 30-60 minutes as our insulin has been raised, & then wallop it’s plummeted & guess what this immediately makes us hungry for more of the sweet stuff. This over time causes us weight gain as those Unburnt sugars find their way into our fat stores.

So for optimum health, it’s best to eat good quality protein with good fats & vegetables during the day, adding carbohydrates to our evening meal. This will ensure we burn our own body fat as a fuel source, thus keeping our insulin level stable. Eating within 30-60 minutes upon waking & then every 3-4 hours will stop our insulin dropping too low.

Eating single whole ingredient foods are key for good health, real fresh tasty foods.

Think- protein- chicken, beef, lamb, pork, salmon, eggs Good fats- avocado, olives, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts Eating a rainbow of colours, creates an appetising plate of good nutritious food.

We all love our 600 calorie meals

I’ve a 3 course for you all today



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Main Meal 272 Calories

Main Meal 272 Calories

Dessert 127.5 Calories

Dessert 127.5 Calories

Snack 128 Calories

Snack 128 Calories