Aloe Inspired Christmas Gifts

The Forever Living philosophy is centred around feeling good, inside and out.  This is achieved through using only the highest quality , carefully-selected ingredients.


The superbly matched products in the Fleur de Jouvence collection are available to be purchased individually, or as a set, presented in a decorative box.  The Sonya Skincare collection and Aloe Deep Moisturising Cream contain key ingredients for radiant, youthful looking skin – a real breakthrough in anti-ageing technology.

Fleur de Jouvence Collection

Fleur de Jouvence Collection


Replenish your body after a season of over-indulgence. Purify and deep cleanse your skin, leaving it refreshed and revatalised for the year ahead with our Aloe Gelly, Body Toning Kit and R3 Skin defence cream.

Aloe Body Toning Kit

Aloe Body Toning Kit


Indulge your senses with aromatic, spa-inspired products.  Thaw the icy chill with a long, warm soak in the bath, made all the better with these extra special additions.  Relax and savour the pampering aroma of botanical extracts in the Aroma Spa collection.

Aroma Spa Collection

Aroma Spa Collection


Look, smell and feel impeccable with Forever’s range of products, designed to keep you well groomed and polished.  Be at your best with our Alpha-E factor and Aloe Lotion, and for the men in your life our Men’s Cologne and Gentleman’s Pride aftershave balm.

Gentleman's Pride

Gentleman’s Pride


We all want to look our best during the parry season and the secret to a rosy, glowing, party-ready complexion is good quality skincare.  Cleanse, moisturise, ex foliate and revitalise your skin with our scrubs and masks, then create your party look with our Flawless by Sonya make-up range.  With Cream to Powder foundation, finishing powder, mineral make-up, mascara and a wide range of eye shadows and lipsticks you are spoilt for choice.

Perfect Pair Eyeshadows

Perfect Pair Eyeshadows

Take a look at our series of YouTube videos for inspired gift ideas.

60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

To buy from our online shop click on Buy Forever Living at the top of the page.  And remember all our products come with our 60 day money back guarantee.  Use the Contact Me link at the top of the page for more details.

Working as a team.

I have run my own business now since 2000 and I’ve always been the sort to try to do everything myself.  If I can get the task done and I have time, why should I pay someone else to do it?
Trying to do too much.
Since I have been a keen networker, though, over the last four years I have gradually learned that doing everything yourself is not necessarily the most cost-effective and best way to run your own small business.  When those jobs that you really don’t enjoy start to pile up, isn’t it better to outsource them to someone who can do them quickly and efficiently and then get on with the jobs you know that you are skilled at? I have now met many other small business owners, and by trading services and assisting each other, we can all help each other to grow.

I joined Forever Living in June 2012 and I am learning even more how great it is to work as a team.  My expertise is in IT and Bookkeeping.  It’s something I can talk about forever, excuse the pun, and it can be really satisfying to be able to help team members who often have never been in charge of their own accounts before, making sure that they do the right thing and keep the correct records, and helping them to find the right tools for the job.

I also recognise that in building a strong team in my Forever Living business, with people from different backgrounds and with different skills and knowledge, the sum of the parts working together can be stronger than the individuals each working on their own.

Forever Living has an ethos of those who are further on with their journey sharing how they have got there, and what has worked for them. When you go to the company trainings and team events you will always hear inspiring stories and useful practical advice on how you can improve your business.  We share resources online as well as in person, too, and it means that team members become great friends as well as colleagues.

So, I am looking for people with particular knowledge and skills to grow my team, as there are sectors which I know our products are perfect for but I know little about. If you know anyone with expertise in any of the following areas, please put me in touch with them, as the other thing you learn when networking is one good referral is more effective than 10 cold calls!

And just think – who would you like to work with to make your business more effective.  If you ask for referrals yourself, you might just find that your job gets easier too by spreading the load.
Working Together

Forever Living Top 10 Products

Aloe Drinking Gels come in 4 flavours.

Aloe Drinking Gels come in 4 flavours.

My Product Top 10

I’ve been a Forever Living Distributor for a year now – and just for fun I thought I would take a look at the top 10 best selling products in my business  –  I am a bookkeeper through and through and I love looking at stats and analysis based on my sales, so here we go, in reverse order!

10. Aloe Berry Nectar (Drink) – drinking gel with cranberry and apple added .

9. Aloe Vera Gelly  – topical cream great for sunburn, burns, bites and stings.  First aid in a tube!

8.  Forever Bee Pollen – a small tablet packed full of nutrients and great for energy and to help hayfever sufferers.

7. Forever Freedom Gel (Drink) – drinking gel with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to help with aching joints.

6. Forever Freedom2Go Sachets (Drink) – the same as 7 but in a handy portable sachet with added pomegranates and mangosteen juice.

5. Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick –  a stick of pure Aloe in a long lasting deodorant stick containing no aluminium salts

4. Aloe Heat Lotion – a wonderful massage lotion which warms and soothes aching muscles.

3. Aloe Vera Gel (Drink) – the purest Aloe Gel we produce and an excellent tonic for good health.

2. Aloe Propolis Crème – moisturising cream with added Bee Propolis – found to be very soothing by Excema and Psoriasis sufferers.


1. Aloe Lips

Aloe Lips - my Number one Best Seller

Aloe Lips – my Number one Best Seller

Now I know that for Forever Living as a company  the best-selling products  are the drinking Gels, but even if I added all my drinking Gel sales together, the Aloe lips still comes out on top!

Aloe Lips really is a little tube of magic.  Not only is it a wonderful Lip Salve, but it is fabulous for taking on holiday to use on bites and stings as it is just a small tube of pure Aloe in a handy convenient portable pack.  Most people don’t just buy one so I guess that is why it has been my highest selling product in my first year – I’ll be fascinated to see how this changes in my 2nd year as a distributor!

So what is your favourite Aloe Vera product and why?  Does it appear in my top 10?  Which product would you recommend as the must have Forever Aloe product?  Visit our Facebook page  to find out how to buy any of these wonderful products from my online shop – and also for special offers and product testimonials from real users.