Preferred Customer Programme

Forever Living are changing away from the current Novus Customer offering to a new Preferred Customer Programme.  Novus Customer was something that those who love the products and wanted to get them a little cheaper often joined, or it could be the first step to starting your own Forever business.

But to help business owners make the most of the opportunities of the business plan they are changing the system,  We don’t advocate discounting the prices of products as it devalues them for all, but we do like to reward customers for their loyalty and this new preferred customer programme will do just that.  Also, the first minimum order quantity to qualify for the discount is being reduced.

So in the future to become a preferred customer the discount is being reduced to 5% (from the Novus Customer 15% discount) and the minimum order is going down to £75.

If you are already a Forever Business Owner and your current Novus customers are going to stop ordering due to the reduced discount level, then you can always buy and supply the products yourself and still offer them the 15% discount to keep their continuity – whilst bringing new people on board at the new levels.

Looking after customers properly is a time-consuming but rewarding thing, and we as Forever Business Owners deserve to get the 25% commission we will not get for our Preferred Customer orders, after all this is our business and we need to work to offer excellent customer service and keep up to date with all the products, so this is a really positive move for us.

Signing Up Preferred Customers

It used to be a bit of a pain signing up Novus Customers – they had to fill out an application form and it had to be submitted with their £100 order, so Forever has improved the sign-up process which can be done entirely online, with as I said the minimum order reducing to £75.

If you are in Ireland this change is not coming into effect straight away so there the Novus Customer is still available until further notice.

If you have any questions and you are a Forever Living business owner then please talk to your upline or contact head office.  For UK business owners there is a frequently asked questions page on Forever Knowledge which can answer most of your questions.


Where to meet new people in Network Marketing

Following on from my previous post about building your Who Do You Know List in network marketing, many people are put off starting a new business as they feel they don’t know enough people who could become customers or team members.  After you have approached everyone in your immediate circle of friends and family then where do you go from there?

What you need to remember is there are literally thousands of people our there who have never heard of network marketing at all, let alone your particular business, and what you need to work on is strategies to open a conversation with these people in order to make a connection with them.

Where to Meet People

It is no good joining a network marketing business if you want to stay in all the time and be by yourself, burying your head in a good book or playing online games.  You need to get out and be social.  Is there a hobby you fancy having a go at that you have never tried?  Could you volunteer locally ? Are there social organisations locally you have never visited?  All these are excellent ways to get our and meet people.

You also will come across people in your daily life who you just pass the time of day with.  Your bus driver who always looks miserable, the checkout operator at your local supermarket, the server when you go out for a meal or receptionists and staff at your hairdresser, doctor or dentist.


You can meet people all around you.

How to open a conversation

It doesn’t need to be a hard sell once you have gone out and found more people to meet . I am not suggesting you go along to a new group or class and immediately try plugging products and business opportunities to the people there, as you will soon get people’s backs up and become very unpopular.  To be successful in network marketing first you need to make connections and just get to know people with no mention of your home based business at all.

Sometimes a simple complement to someone you see in your day to day life can open a conversation and create a link with them which can naturally lead to more.  In the health and wellness industries, like with my business in Forever Living, a simple “How Are You?” then listening to the reply carefully can open doors for you to talk about your products.  The secret is always to be open and ask questions and listen to the answers before rushing to tell people all about yourself.  If you are a product of your products the rest will come in time.

talk and listen figures

Listen first, talk later!

With those you pass in day to day life you need to be a bit more forward as you may not meet that person again.  Have some business cards or similar available with your details on to pass to people with a simple comment such as “you’ve given me really great service today and you are just the sort of person I’m looking for to join my business, can I take your details and give you a call about it at a more convenient time?”. Take their number or email address if they will give it to you and pass them a card with your details.  You never know if this might be just the right time for the person you are talking to.

Where will this get you?

Don’t even think about the promotion and the money you want to make from your business, just think about meeting people, talking to people, and giving your customers and anyone interested really good service and the rest will come with time.

Interested in joining Forever Living ?

We offer support in the form of training courses and videos to help you with all aspects of network marketing to help you build your business with Forever Living.

If you would like to join my business and benefit from the coaching and mentoring I offer then get in touch for details.  I am currently recruiting allover the UK, and around the world with my most recent team members being from Eastern Europe.  I am particularly looking for people who would like to become team leaders in South Africa and Ireland at the moment due to the number of enquirers I am getting from those areas.

In the UK you can join easily online at and if you wish to be coached and mentored by me then you need my details as your sponsor on the form which are  Alison Mead, ID no 440100686316.

UK Trading Standards Statutory Warning

”Forever Living Products are a very proud & ethical company who pride ourselves on good practice. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”

Recruiting in Network Marketing

Whether you are new to Network Marketing, or you have been in your business for a while, one of the main things people struggle with is how to grow their team.  If you are in a business with a fantastic product, like I am with Forever Living, then the retailing part of the business, whilst not easy, develops much quicker than the team building part of the business.  However if you really want to make your business grow then building and supporting a team is essential.

Talking too Much

When I first joined Forever in 2012 I was so excited about this new opportunity I had found, linked to products which I already knew and loved, that I tried to tell everyone about how fantastic it was, and I couldn’t understand why some people just didn’t want to listen.  I definitely became an Aloe Bore, and when someone showed even a small shred of interest I tried to dump a whole ton of information on them, which would invariably scare them off.  I’m sure people tiptoed round me and didn’t want to set me off on another Aloe Aly lecture, or even avoided me completely.

talk and listen figures

Keeping things quiet

There then followed a period in my business where I was too scared to tell anyone about what I did after the reactions from my Aloe Bore phase. I just thought nobody wanted to know.  I would be careful not to mention Forever Living on my personal  Facebook profile, and I seemed constantly scared of offending people by mentioning my business.  Then if I saw someone else I knew trying the products from another business owner, or looking at the business through someone else, I would get upset they had not come to me.  But I was so quiet and timid about my business that they probably had no idea I was a Forever business owner myself, and that I wanted to build a team.  This was my Secret Aloe stage.

Striking the Right Balance

I needed to learn not to dump tons of information on anyone that showed a vague interest in my business, but also learn not to be scared to let people know about what I do in my Forever Business day to day.

Through the trainings I have been to since I started my business I have learned that when I am talking to people about my business, the important thing is not telling people how wonderful the business is, or how wonderful the products are, I can demonstrate how I love being a Forever Living Business owner just in the way I live my life, how I feel, what I am doing with my time, I don’t need to force feed the information to anyone.

Then if someone likes what they see and starts to show an interest in the business, what really engages them is what’s in it for them.

Think to yourself, how can they benefit from a business like mine, and most importantly what can you do to help them.  That is what people want to know.

But in order to really connect with someone and be able to show them how a business like yours can give them what they want and need, your first have to listen to find out what motivates them. You can then show and demonstrate how a business like yours will give them what they are looking for,  whether that is money, better lifestyle, more time or something else.

Why will people say No ?No Entry Sign

If you feel like you are being ‘sold’ to you will immediately switch off and not want to listen to what is being said.   Think about how you react to being approached by a cold caller.

People will also say no if they can’t see any personal benefit from joining you.  It’s the What’s in it for ME? syndrome.

How do you get people interested?

When you are approached about the business, and you have listened to why your prospect is interested, how can you prevent yourself from then going back to the talking too much about your opportunity, and scare them into thinking they are being sold to?

First thing is to ask for your prospect’s help in building your business.  Ask them if they know anyone who might like some information about your business opportunity.  Rather than asking them directly, by asking them for help and if they know anyone you are not challenging them or selling to them.  People are far more likely to respond positively, and quite often then say ‘Well I might be interested, can you tell me more?’

The  easiest way instead of trying to tell them all about your business if they do express an interest,is to  offer to send them a video or link to a business presentation which they can watch which will tell them more.  In my business we have a variety of videos, YouTube clips and DVD’s we can share with our prospects which have been developed by successful business owners in our team. Make sure you know what resources are available in your business and have them easily to hand to send to people.

Once they have watched the video they may be interested, or they may not, but if you have managed to get them to watch and consider your business opportunity, then you have at least managed to get over the first hurdle of sharing your business with someone.  The more people who see the information the more likely you are to find those people who really want to join you.

If they are not interested themselves then they might pass your name on to someone they know, or worst case scenario they say they don’t know anyone or they aren’t interested.  You can then just say ‘thanks for listening, I just though I’d ask’ and move on.

Want to learn more?

If you have not yet found the right network marketing business for you, and you are looking for your own business opportunity then get in touch and I can work with you to help you build your business.  Take a look at our Business Brochure to learn more about Network Marketing in general and Forever Living in particular.

Then just contact me for more information and I’ll send you a short video from our team which explains the business in an easy to understand way. I can answer any questions you have and we can work together to build your business and do as I have done so you can achieve your dreams.


If you are already in network marketing and want to learn more about how to improve your prospecting, then talk to your sponsor and up-line about the training that is available in your business, watch and learn and you too can be successful in your business.


UK Trading Standards Statutory Warning
”Forever Living Products are a very proud & ethical company who pride ourselves on good practice.
It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”

Joining Forever Living

Joining Forever Living as a business owner is a huge decision for most people.  Firstly though this decision differs depending on how you found out about the company in the first place. Did a close friend introduce you to the business, maybe someone you used to know contacted you out of the blue, or perhaps you have found out about it through social media.  Often business owners join because they were first introduced to the products, then they come to realise there is a business opportunity behind the products.

Business Owner Box

Business Owner Box

Many people join Forever Living as they need an extra income, but this is by no means the only reason to join,but if this applies to you then you need to carefully choose who you join the company through.  The thing with any network marketing company is if you treat it like a hobby you will earn a hobby income, but if you treat it seriously like a business then you can earn a significant business income.  So how do you know you are being introduced to Forever by someone who is treating their business seriously, and will they give you the right support to get you where you want to be.?

Choosing your sponsor

I am getting an increasing number of enquiries through this blog from people who have joined Forever Living through a friend, but then they have not been given any guidance on what to do next.  I know this is not always the fault of the sponsor, as some people just don’t want to listen to advice no matter how much you try to help, but I do get the impression that sometimes they feel that getting someone to join their team is where their involvement ends, they then go looking for their next person to sign on the dotted line.

So if you are joining to build a serious business rather than as a hobby or to ‘get the products a bit cheaper’; then you really need to look carefully at your sponsor, and their support network, and choose who you join with carefully.

So how should you choose

  1. Can you get on with them? – You need to work closely with your sponsor.  Are they friendly and approachable?  Do they respond in a timely way to questions?  Can you see yourself spending time with them, either in person or online?
  2. Have they answered your questions? – It’s understandable that you have a lot of questions that need to be answered, so have they been able to help?  Now I don’t expect someone new recruiting for the first time to know the answers to everything, but they should know where to go for the answers.
  3. Are they part of a supportive team? –  If I don’t know the answer to a questions then I can go to my sponsor or ask someone else in my team. You are not just joining your sponsor – you are joining a team. So get an idea of who else is in the team and if they are the sort of people who will be helpful and open and supportive.  When I had new team members join the week before I was due to go on holiday, my sponsor stepped in and helped launch the businesses of my two ladies.  Then later in the year I was able to return the favour and help with a business launch for someone else new. Find a team with a great ethos in teamwork.
  4. Is there team training? – The training provided by Forever Living is absolutely fantastic, with our advisory board who present training sessions as well as offer advice through head office – but some teams also have team specific training both locally and on line.  Ask what training is available specific to your team and how you can access it.  In our team geography is no barrier – our team training is available online so if you live in Edinburgh or Cornwall you can still access our support.

Helping you build a successful vibrant business is how we earn our commission.   I don’t understand those business owners who just want to sign people up – as that is often the most difficult part of the business.  Surely it is easier to help someone who has already made that decision to join to be successful than to keep looking for that new team member.

My first team member, My Sponsor, me and my up line ,manager at a Forever Success Day

My first team member, My Sponsor, me and my up line ,manager at a Forever Success Day

Joining Team Silicon Forever

So if you are looking at Forever Living and you think your prospective sponsor does not tick all the boxes above, then I would be very happy to hear from you.  I have team members currently in Glasgow and Tyne and Wear and another who has recently joined in Ipswich, as well as several local to me in Northampton and Milton Keynes, but in my experience it is better to have an active and supportive sponsor who can be at the end of the phone to support and help you, rather than someone just down the road who has no support network and training available.

Choose your team carefully – and good luck in your business.  Is Forever Living worth doing?  Yes, definitely, but it involves hard work and self discipline.  You will only get back from your business the rewards your own efforts deserve, but give yourself the best chance possible by choosing the right team for you.

Team Excel Meeting - of which Team SIlicon Bullet is a part.

Team Excel Meeting – of which Team SIlicon Bullet is a part.

UK Trading Standards Statutory Warning
”Forever Living Products are a very proud & ethical company who pride ourselves on good practice.
It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”

Five Tips On Starting a Business

Ashley and Nathan Griffith

Ashley and Nathan Griffith

Today I am featuring a guest post by Ashley Griffith, owner of Operation Entrepreneur, a group dedicated to bringing entrepreneurs together on a whole new level. She’s also the co-owner of eco-friendly bath and body shop The Gnarly Whale.  Read on for Ashley’s five tips on starting a business:

1. Be Confident and Passionate

If you’re not confident and passionate about your business, who will be? You absolutely must believe in your business more than anyone else for it to succeed. If you’re not confident, not all hope is lost. You just need to work out the kinks. Change your policies, switch up your products, enlist help – do whatever you need to do to make sure that you’re confident (even if you’re still learning) when you launch.

 2. Look at the Numbers

For most creative people, numbers suck. And they can take a lot of the fun out of business planning. But knowing your numbers is a huge part of knowing that you’ll be successful and profitable. Create a break-even analysis (with the help of this site, it’s easy) and ensure that everything checks out. If you find your numbers aren’t where they need to be, this will allow you to see where you may need to raise or lower prices.

 3. Create a Business Plan

Not required, but incredibly useful. If you ever need a loan for your business, you’ll need one of these. And if you ever want to hire help with your business, this is a great tool to have for someone to see your business at a quick glance. Not only that, but the business plan is a great way to keep you and your business on track to meet your goals and ensure that you’re always following your mission. The Small Business Association is a GREAT resource for assistance in creating these in the US, or the Federation of Small Businesses in the UK.

 4. Make Room for Growth

Think of ways the current products you have can change. Maybe it’s new features, different colours, or an expanded product line. No matter what, make sure that there is growth opportunity within your business. Trends come and go, so your product isn’t guaranteed to be a hit forever. Have a back-up plan for when your business may need something new to create that wow factor all over again, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

 5. Surround Yourself With Positive Reminders

Have a Pinterest board dedicated to where you want your business to be or products you’d like to someday make. Use inspiration boards in your house. Read blogs or books that are similar to your field of work. Find a group of supportive people such as those within Operation Entrepreneur. Whatever it is – surround yourself with everything you want to achieve. No matter how skilled you are, there will be tough days and your business will most likely not flourish immediately. Find things to keep you going when the going gets tough, and it will get easier.

Blog-SwapThanks for those tips, Ashley. Even though my business has been going for a while now, there are some great tips there for me to follow, too.