How is your mood?

We are now 4 weeks into this lockdown and how is your mood?

It all started as a bit of a novelty 4 weeks ago, and with the review in 3 weeks some thought we might only be shut in for a short while – but now the news seems to say we could be locked down a lot longer than we originally thought.  Nobody really knows and the uncertainty can definitely play a part in damaging your mental health.

How are you keeping positive in these uncertain times?

I am following a few simple tips in order to keep my sanity :

  • Keep a regular routine – I am getting up and go to bed at the same time every night and keep regular meal times. Also, there’s a Virtual Pub Quiz I do weekly and exercise classes which all help me keep an element of normality and regularity in my life.
  • Keep in touch with people – I’m having regular chats with family, clients, and also people I am meeting on networking meetings.  Just to keep connected and avoid that feeling of isolation.
  • Have a divide between work and leisure – with working from home it’s really easy to just keep working into the evening, so we are dividing our working day from our relaxing evenings with a dog walk that divides the day and means I leave my desk at a sensible time.
  • Be Patient if isolating with others –  you are probably spending a lot more time with your close family than you normally would, and if you are not sleeping well due to the worry you may find tempers can flare more than usual. Stop, breathe and think before raising voices and walk away for some space if you really feel you are going to snap.
  • Be Kind – I am seeing lots of arguments on social media as the regulations we have been told are being read in different ways by different people.  Sometimes rather than posting something negative it’s better to just walk away and leave it as no-one has ever had their mind changed by a negative post on social media in my experience.
  • Remember those isolating alone – if you haven’t heard from a friend or neighbour for a while- drop them a message to see how they are.  I bet they will really appreciate it.
  • Exercise – I am going out every day as I said to take my dog Daisy for a walk – but I’m also still doing my pilates class online once a week.  there are loads of people online helping with exercise ideas – find the one that most appeals to you and do it regularly.

I love this graphic I saw on a friend’s Facebook post this week – it covers my points above plus more.

Coronavirus poster

If you feel you need more support then my friend Duncan Price from Mind Affinity has produced a coronavirus survival guide which you can download from the Mind Affinity Website for free.

If you feel you need to connect with someone during this lockdown period then please reach out and get in touch with me, even if it’s just for a chat,

Aloe Aly x

Week 3 – is anyone buying?

Right now we are just entering the 3rd week in the UK of our social isolation and distancing, for those who can work from home.  There are many people who have lost their income totally, and many others who may be on Furlough or shielding themselves or family members, or looking after the children, so they can’t go to work.

In my other business, my ‘day’ job with Silicon Bullet Ltd, I train bookkeepers and I have been super busy as everyone struggles to work out what they are entitled to from the daily government announcements, writing blog posts with practical tips on processing payroll and how to manage the grants and allowances when you claim them.  But for many people, it’s still a waiting game to know what they will be entitled to, if anything, and when they might get it.Aly Zoom Background

Remember though that in a couple of weeks time there will be people who are earning their 80% pay but they have greatly reduced their outgoings.  No daily commute to pay for, no take out coffees, no meals out or trips to the pub.  Also, the novelty of staying home will be wearing off and boredom will be setting in.  I know my daughter, at 20 , is starting to look at online shopping sites so when she gets her furlough wages from her part-time pub job she can buy a nice outfit for when she can go and see her friends again.

So don’t think that there is no-one around to buy your Forever Living products, or your home crafted items, or whatever it is that you sell.  Now is the time to use your enforced lockdown to be your most creative, learn how to use TikTok, learn what to post on Instagram and how to connect with people on LinkedIn, learn how to promote your business and build your connections with online networking on zoom. Whatever tasks you have been putting off because you never had time, now is the time to get on with them.

Weds bob 2 Hats day

Do your ‘homework’ now so you can grow your business, whatever it is, in the future when you are once again free to go out and socialise. Personally, I am also advocating the self-employed getting your tax return done and submitted now while you have admin and downtime, so when you are free to get out again you know a) how much tax you are needing to save up and b) you can concentrate on income-producing activities when you have more freedom.

So that’s one of the reasons I have returned to blogging here when I’ve not had time to love the last year, and I’m talking about how the wonderful Forever products are so kind to the skin when you need to wash your hands so often.  What ‘homework’ can you do ?

Aloe Aly