Forever Protein Pancakes

When you follow the Forever F.I.T. program, which is our follow on weight management program which many people do after the Clean 9 cleanse, you don’t need to keep to an exact strict regime of protein shakes for breakfast, by trying out different recipes and keeping variety in your diet you are far more likely to succeed and hit your long term goals.

Why not try a scoop of the Forever Lite Ultra protein powder in your pancakes, for a delicious breakfast alternative.  Protein builds muscle and without proper protein intake, your body will struggle to recover after exercise and build muscle.  It may even break down muscle tissue in order to access essential amino acids.

For more great recipe ideas take a look at my dedicated Forever FIT website, where you can learn more about the Clean 9 cleanse and the follow on FIT programs, or tale a look at the weight management category here on my blog.

Forever Lite Ultra Protein Pancakes Recipe


  • 1/2 a cup of oats
  • 1/2 a banana
  • cinnamon
  • 2 egg whites
  • dash of almond milk
  • 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla Shake Mix


Blend all the ingredients together thoroughly.  Fry for 1 -2 minutes on each side in frying pan using coconut oil spray.  Serve with your choice of fresh fruit or perhaps a squeeze of our delicious Forever Bee Honey.

Protein Banana Pancakes

Exact calories and for the recipe can vary depending on which brands of products you are using, but when I tried the recipe and used MyFitnessPal to accurately record the ingredients used this recipe served 2 (3 small pancakes each) and was 176 calories per serving.

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60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can buy your Forever Lite Ultra and Forever Bee Honey from my online shop, and as with all our products they come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  Please contact me for more details.

We also offer full support and coaching to anyone who wishes to follow the Clean 9 or FIT program, just get in touch and let’s get healthy together.


Success Day

It’s a dark wet December Day,  wet and miserable outside,  but I’ve come to the NEC in Birmingham for the last Forever Success Day of the year.  The energy and excitement levels in this room banish all thoughts of the dark dreary weather outside.


So what is a success day all about?

First it’s about recognising the accomplishments of business owners who are working in their business,  whether you are new to Forever and you have had your first promotion,  or if you’ve been in the business for a long time and built your own team to hit the higher levels.

Those successful business owners all started on the first rung of the ladders like myself and the rest of my team.  At success day you hear many business stories which are wonderfully inspirational,  and you never know when that little nugget of information will inspire you.


Sharing tips for success

As well as the recognitions,  the other huge part of success day is learning from successful business owners.  It never ceases to amaze me how the top leaders in our business are so happy to share their top tips,  about the products,  recruiting team members and how to build your own business.


Marketing Tools

At Success Day all of the recommended retailers who supply the information and tools which can make your Forever Business so much easier also have stalls where you can pick up fantastic products,  books and advice to help you run your business. It’s a great place to pick up banners,  display materials,  and fantastic personal development books.

Personally I can never resist the product offers and I always go home with a bag full of products I can then pass on the offers to my customers.  I always save more money on these offers than I spent on my success express ticket!

So what are you waiting for.  Dates for Success Express in 2016 are already set.  Get those dates in your diary and come and be inspired in 2016. #successday


Aloe Matters Competition

Forever are running a new photographic competition, for the chance to win £250 in Travel Vouchers. If your Summer tan is fading and you are getting the Winter blues then it’s time to start dreaming about your next holiday abroad.

All you need to do is photograph yourself reading our wonderful Aloe Matters magazine in a weird and wonderful location, the stranger the better.

Email your entries to with ‘winter competition’ as the subject line.  You must include your name, address and telephone number in the email, and entries need to be received by 1st March 2016.

The photo needs to include someone reading the Aloe Matters magazine with the cover visible, and the photo needs to be of good quality (at least  200dpi).

If you don’t have a copy of our latest magazine then get in touch with your local Forever Business Owner to request one, or if you don’t already have a contact then please get in touch with me via my Contact Me link above.

For full terms and conditions please refer to Page 18 of the latest Aloe Matters magazine – or you can read the on-line version here.

Aloe Matters

Buying Forever Living products on Amazon

Forever Living is a network marketing business, where we retail Aloe Vera based products by using them ourselves and recommending them to others.  It is very much a business built on personal contact with customers, and building up a rapport with people.  But what do you do when your local Forever Business Owner moves away, or you lose touch with them?

Some customers turn to Amazon or E-bay to buy their much loved products, but if this is you then you need to adhere to the mantra of ‘Buyer Beware’.

Forever Living - Full range

Much Loved Products

Company Policy

Every Forever business owner who signs up with Forever Living agrees to abide by the strict rules set out in our Company Policy Handbook.  By signing up we are all agreeing to the Terms and Conditions given.  We are members of the Direct Selling Association which protects both us as business owners, and you as customers, and agreeing to these terms gives us both confidence that we are dealing with an ethical company.

Within the terms we agree to not sell products on-line, except through the on-line shop we all get as part of our business package (which you can link to at the top of the page). The exact extract is :

(j) Selling online. An FBO is prohibited from selling products through online
marketing media, online malls, or auction sites, such as, but not limited to, eBay or

So if you are buying your Forever Living products on Amazon, E-bay or any other online marketing site then you are buying from someone who is not afraid to break the rules.

Why should that bother you?

You may ask why buying on-line should bother you, if you are getting your products cheaper or it’s just convenient. Well here are just a few of the points you really should consider

  • Are the products you are buying all in date and in as new condition?
  • Can you be sure the products have not been tampered with?
  • Are you being offered the 60 Money back satisfaction guarantee?

If the business owner behind the on-line shop is found and identified by our head office they are given a warning, and then they will be asked to leave the company, so business owners who do this are also risking losing their whole business.

How can I find a local distributor ?

So how can you find a local Forever Distributor?  Well I am based in Northamptonshire, near the Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire borders, so if you are looking for products in these areas I would be very happy to add you to my customer list.  I also have team members in Glasgow and Tyne and Wear so  I can help you in Scotland and in the North East of England. My latest team member is in Ipswich and  I am currently recruiting in Lincolnshire, Devon and in North Wales too as my team is growing fast.  Working Together

or Join my Team

If none of these locations are local to you, then why not think about joining my team yourself so you can become my go to business owner in your area?  We offer on-line mentoring, support and training so location is not a barrier if you have an internet connection.  Just contact me with your location for more details.

And failing that then you can link to my on-line shop at the top of the page and order with confidence from an ethical Forever Living business owner, who always puts the customer first.

Clean 9 Cleanse Day 5 – What can you eat on Clean 9 ?

If you don’t know what the Clean 9 cleanse is, then please take a look at my previous post about the 9 Day cleanse Program, and also my previous Video diaries from Day 1, about what is included in the program, and Day 2 about the best way to prepare for your cleanse.

The common misconception about the Clean 9 is that you can’t eat at all, but this is only the case in the first 2 days. You only give your body a break from full meals at the start, then from days 3 to 9 you include a healthy 600 calorie meal into your program, either at lunch time or for an evening meal.  So tonight I recorded a video about what you can eat whilst my dinner is cooking!

You need to try and avoid processed food and high sugar and fat content whilst doing the cleanse, and if you would like to see some wonderful healthy recipes then please take a look at my previous posts All About Nutritous and Nutritious Nutrition.

Remember you also have free foods, a list of which is found in the booklet you get when you buy the program, which include many fruits and vegetables, mostly eaten raw, which are low in GI.  As of December 2016 the programme has been updated with more information about Free Foods – you can read a summary of what you need to do in my post Clean 9 Free Foods – Updated.

If you decide that you would like to try the Clean 9 yourself then please get in touch.  I can share with you lots of hints and tips and more recipe ideas to make your cleanse really successful and tasty. So get in touch to find out how to buy your own Clean 9 pack and get started on a new you.

I am also currently looking for people who are looking for extra income to join my growing team, and if you have a business which involves health or fitness, adding the Clean 9 to your business by joining my team could be just what you are looking for.  We offer full support and training to new team members, get in touch to find out more.

Preparing for the Clean 9 Cleanse

Today’s video diary for Day 2 of the Clean 9 covers hints and tips to help you prepare for the Clean 9.  You can read my previous blog post on the same subject here too prepare for the clean 9, and see my Video Diary for Day 1 too, which covers what comes in the pack.

If you choose to purchase the Clean 9 through my on-line shop or by meeting me at an event, then if you make sure your email address is included with your order and I can send the tips to help you prepare in advance of your receiving your box.

We also have a private Facebook support group which we can add you to, where you can get support and guidance for the whole of the program, and keep in touch with others also on the program.  The support of knowing you are not on your own can really help.

Failure to prepare is just preparing to fail, so get in touch to find out how to buy your own Clean 9 pack and get started on a new you.

Clean 9 Video Diary

I have lots of excellent posts on my blog about the Clean 9 program, such as the best way to prepare for the clean 9, and other frequently asked questions. As a Forever Living Business owner I like to recommend the products based on my own experiences, then I can give you first hand advice about what to expect.
Clean 9 woth Choc Shake and Pro x

Following on from my fantastic weight management information evening which I hosted this week on Facebook, I thought it was only right that I did the Clean 9 cleanse program again.  OK, So I’m not quite being truth full.    My best friend basically told she me needed to do the Cleanse again after a summer of eating all the wrong things, and I was told that I was doing it too, so we can support each other through the program.

Well, why not?  I’ve had a summer eating all the wrong things too, and I feel quite bloated and sluggish, so a cleanse is just what I need.

Day 1

Today is day 1, and rather than write a long waffley post all about how today went, I thought I would do a video diary.

If you decide that you would like to try the Clean 9 yourself then please get in touch.  I can share with you lots of hints and tips to make your cleanse really successful, so you don’t fall into the trap of doing the Clean 9 then just piling any weight you may have lost back on again. Failure to prepare is just preparing to fail, so get in touch to find out how to buy your own Clean 9 pack and get started on a new you.

Joining Forever – Online Resources

If you are looking at network marketing and trying to decide which company you would like to join, then the first thing you need to be sure of is does the company you are looking at have products you can trust.  It was the products which first made me fall in love with Forever Living after doing the Clean 9 for the first time in early 2012.

Once you have found a product you are happy to associate with, you need to know if the company is going to offer you all the support you need to help you grow your business.  I have already written posts about the training you are offered both by Forever Living, and more personally through the team you join, but what about on-line resources?  A lot of business is done on the internet these days, so do Forever give you the tools you need to share your fantastic new business?


Firstly when you join Forever Living you are sent a welcome letter with the details of two websites to help you manage and run your business.

The first is where you have an on-line shop to order your discounted products through, 30% discount for Assistant Supervisors in the UK and 15% if you have joined by placing an order for £100 of products. The minimum order quantity once you have joined is £50 of products.  This website is also full of information about news, events and training, and also keeps a record of your volume of business and that of your team once you start building your own.  When you are growing your business it’s really exciting to see the graphic of the Aloe Bottle filling up at the side of your screen.

Next Goal

The second website is which is a fantastic resource of product information, frequently asked questions, company information and help and advice about growing your team too.  This website has many pages which are free to view, but there is the option of subscribing for just £10 a month to open up many more resources and websites which you can use to promote your business online.

Both sites have lots of information about forever which people interested in Forever can look at too – so click on the links and have a good look round.  These are just the first of many website resources you can gain access to.  We also have a personalised retail shop which you can direct customers to.  You can see mine if you click on Buy Forever Living at the top of this page (just check it has my name in the top left).  Customers have no minimum order quantity and can order for personal delivery to their homes, so you can share this page nationally, and internationally if your business has gone global.

Online Magazines

Forever also regularly produce seasonal on-line magazines. Anyone can share these with people interested in joining, but if you subscribe to Forever Knowledge the magazines have links which will direct customers to your own personal shop.

Forever Knowledge

The latest magazine just released as I write this post is our Sports & Weight Management magazine.  Just click to the back page and you can see how it has been personalised with my details and a link to my own shop.  These magazines have fantastic articles with you can share with your customers, such as the one by Craig Gillies, who used to play Rugby with Worcester Warriors.  I heard Craig talk at one of our company trainings and he proves that Forever is not just for girls! (Featured on page 31)

If you look at the menus down the right of my blog you will always see links to the latest magazines available from Forever such as Aloe Matters, as well as seasonal gift guides for Christmas.

Join Us

So you can be reassured that when you decide that Forever Living is the network marketing company for you, with the support from Forever itself and by joining our team you will be able to build your own fantastic business and achieve all your dreams.  Get in touch today for more information, and take a look at the Business Building magazine to find out more about becoming a Forever Business Owner.

Join my team and I'll give you a helping hand.

Join my team and I’ll give you a helping hand.

Parabens and Forever Living

What are Parabens

According to Wikipedia, parabens are a class of preservatives used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.  These compounds and their salts are used mainly for their bacteriological and fungicidal properties.  They can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturisers, shaving gels and many other topical products.  They are also used as food additives.


Why do Forever Living use Parabens

As Forever Living is an American company they abide by the rules of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The F.D.A. has approved parabens for use in everyday products to protect us from harmful bacteria and fungus, and continue to monitor their use together with the Cosmetic Toiletries and Fragrance Association (CTFA).  Both organisations continue to review research on parabens.

For more than 30 years Forever Living Products has been dedicated to helping people, both financially and by providing excellent products, that promote a healthier lifestyle.  Forever Living would never market any product if they thought it would be harmful in any way.

Removing Parabens

While Forever believe their products to be absolutely safe, because of the negative public perception of Parabens Forever Living are working towards removing as many of these ingredients from their products as possible.  There have been no Parabens in any new products since 2008 and other products are being reformulated in order to find alternatives.

Parabens are added in less than 1% quantities in the products which contain them at present.

If you are interested in buying Forever Living products or in becoming a Forever Business owner then get in touch via the  contact me form.  I’m currently building my team in the UK and around the world.

Forever Business Owners can get an up to date list of which of the few remaining products are not paraben free through their local head office.  Formulations can differ in different countries so it’s always best to request the information locally.

Hand and Face Soap - Paraben Free

Hand and Face Soap – Paraben Free

Top Selling Aloe products for 2014

Do you have a favourite aloe product?  Would it surprise you to know that the top selling product in 2014 is our flagship Aloe drinking Gel?

Aloe Gel

The key to our success is a commitment to quality and purity.  Our aloe vera is essentially identical to the inner lead gel due to avoiding herbicides and pesticides , and with our patented stabilisation process.  Also because we produce our own aloe, we can guarantee the quality without being dependent on any other suppliers.

2014 Top Sellers

In true award season fashion, here are our top 10 in reverse order:

10. Aloe Heat Lotion

9.   Aloe Hand and Face Soap

8.   Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant

7.  Aloe Vera Gelly

6.  Aloe Propolis Creme

5.  Forever Aloe Berry Nectar

4.  Forever Freedom

3.  Aloe Lips

2.  Forever Bright Toothgel

and our top selling product

1.  Forever Aloe Vera Gel

Which is your favourite?

So which of our Forever Living are your favourite?  Mine is the heat lotion as it feels so wonderful on my arthritic neck.  I love the warming soothing feeling it gives me and it is a very versatile product.

Heat Lotion

Please comment below with your favourite and what you like about it.