How can I be successful in Forever Living?

Whether you have already joined Forever Living as a business owner, or if you are still considering whether to join, you may be asking yourself ‘How can I be successful with Forever Living?’  I have previously written a post about How Much Can You Earn with Forever Living, but is money what motivates you, or is it something else?

Know why are you considering Forever Living

The first step to success if to know WHY do you want to be in this business?  This is the first thing we cover in your first business planning meeting when you join us.  If you don’t know WHY you are starting this incredible journey then you are likely to stumble early on.  You need to think about your goals in life, in your family, and in your business.

It might be a financial goal, paying your mortgage, having extra money to have some fun with your family, sending you children to private school.  It could be you want a more flexible way of working, a job that isn’t 9 to 5, with lots of unpaid overtime, or maybe you just want more time to spend on your children.  It could be a new car or a foreign holiday. Dream big or it will never happen.

Whatever your reason is, make sure you write your WHY  down, focus on it,  visualise yourself sitting in that convertible car, plan fun things to do with your family and create a vision board with pictures.  That way these dreams become goals, until you write your dreams down they will not feel real.why

Learn from those who have gone before you.

The second step to success is to never stop learning in your business.  When you first join our team, the first thing we will do is schedule in your first planning meeting where we get you started working on your business.  This is just the first instalment of the fantastic training Forever Living have to offer, which is both personally from myself as you team leader, meetings both in person and on-line with our team, and a fantastic array of training materials provided by the company too.

The wonderful thing about this business is you are never alone.  The business has been going for 37 years and those who started with the business early on have worked out what works and what doesn’t, and they have now shared this with all new business owners in the First Steps to Manager Manual, which was launched by Jayne Leach, one of the top UK business owners in 2014.  This manual comes in your business owner box, and if you choose me as your sponsor I’ll guide you through launching your business successfully and hold your hand every step of the way.

So be a sponge, learn from those who have already been through what you are going through, and then you can pass on your knowledge to others as you grow your own team.

Plan to be Successful

The third step to success is plan plan plan.  Once you know why you are doing the business and what your goals are, and you know how to build your business by accessing all the training available, you then need to plan you business every step of the way.  You know the saying, failure to plan is planning to fail.

Break down your goals into bite size chunks, then formulate a plan on how to achieve each smaller goal.  The only way you will fail is if you don’t take that first step. Goals change and move too, so you need to constantly look at how far have you come, have your goals shifted, and what you need to do to keep on track.


Don’t just Give it a Go!

Make sure when you decide to join Forever Living and buy your business owner box that you are not just ‘giving it a go’ as this is a sure fire way to not be successful.  Get you mindset right.  Plan to be successful.  Train to be successful.  Make being successful one of your goals .

Don’t let those negative voices in your head put you off, and don’t let  those other people in your life take your dreams away from you by not understanding what you are doing. Know why you are doing this business and keep doing the activity.  If you touch your business every day, your goals and dreams will become reality.

Remember, as top business philosopher Jim Rohn says, If you want to do something you’ll find a way.  If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.  Get in touch now about joining my team and we can find a way together to build your Forever Business into the successful business you deserve.

UK Trading Standards Statutory Warning

”Forever Living Products are a very proud & ethical company who pride ourselves on good practice.
It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”




I’d love to join Forever Living, but I don’t know anyone!

Following on with my theme of looking at reasons for not starting a new business with Forever Living, I thought I would look at “I don’t know anyone”, which is common response that I hear from people looking at joining my business.

One of the first steps when you start any network marketing or direct selling business is making a list of everyone who you think might be interested in hearing about your new business opportunity, or finding out about the wonderful new products you are selling.  The training we offer at Forever Living is excellent at helping you to create a list of possible contacts: we call it your Who Do You Know List (WDYKL).  When you  just stop and think of everyone in your life, you will find that you know far more people than you think you do.

The easy ones first are family and friends.  Hopefully they will be excited about your new business and keen to support you.  My Mum is my best customer, and my sister has joined the business with me, so for me family have been great for my business.  What I like about choosing Forever Living as my network marketing business is that I can see how much the products can help people – so I am helping the people I value most in life.

Do you go to group classes?

Do you go to group classes?

Next, look one step further away from home.  Maybe you already have a day job, you go to a gym, zumba class or have some other hobby.  You will find that you can share your wonderful new products with these people who you meet day-to-day in your life already.  These are people who you already know and who you see and talk to on a daily basis, so you can easily tell people about the new business you are excited about.

Talk to your waitress or checkout operator.

Talk to your waitress or checkout operator.

One step further removed are the people you meet every day going about your daily business.  The lady on the checkout in the supermarket, your dentist, hairdresser, bus driver, etc.  The beauty of the products we offer at Forever Living is that the product range is so huge that there are products for everyone.  These are the sort of people you might naturally pass the time of day with, so ask questions about how much they enjoy their job, or any health issues they have, and you can then talk about your new business and the products you offer, and offer to help.

The last stage, maybe not for the faint-hearted, is people shopping or contact marketing.  Just approach people when you are out shopping or in a public place and strike up a conversation with them, offering them your card or some literature.  Many people build up fantastic teams and successful businesses with this method of approaching people. It isn’t for everyone, and I admit that I am not very good at this myself, but my sister Kate has become a fantastic people shopper and can share her techniques with the rest of the team.

So, when you sit and think about how you don’t know anyone, just think about how many people you have had the opportunity to pass the time of day with in the last week – and you will realise that you know more people than you think.

I’d love to join Forever Living, but I don’t have time!

I often meet people who are really keen to join Forever Living, but just don’t consider that they have enough time to start a new business.  You might be unemployed and looking for a job, you might be in a job already which demands long hours and doesn’t give much respite, or maybe you have lots of hobbies which take up your time. Whatever it is, you are a busy person and you don’t have any ‘free’ time.  Whatever you are doing you will be filling all of the time available with something (there is no such thing as free time)  – the trick is in deciding if there is anything you are currently doing that you could reduce or replace with your new business.

After my Hip Replacement

After my Hip Replacement

My story is that I already run a successful IT business with my husband, which has been our primary source of household income since 2000.  We work well together, but back in 2007 I had a complete right hip replacement, and wasn’t able to work in our business properly for over 6 months.  This meant that my husband had to look after me, our 2 children, and run our business single-handed.  It was a tough time for both of us.  Although I am now going through a period of remission and I am feeling super healthy and active, I wanted to develop an alternative income which doesn’t rely on us charging our time out at an hourly rate.  This means that when the inevitable happens and my health deteriorates we won’t be so reliant on our traditional business income.  Running my two businesses side by side, I am still maintaining our current income from the IT business, but building up an alternative income in my second Forever Living business.

I also have many hobbies: I sing in 3 choirs, love Zumba and exercise, and going walking in our local forest and also act as Mum’s taxi to our 2 teenagers who go to different schools in two local towns.

How can I build a Forever Living business when I am already busy?

  • Use social media to reach and connect to people. There are tools to help schedule posts at times when you are  busy and need to be elsewhere.  Just a few focused minutes a day can mean that you can schedule your posts or write blog posts (like this one), which can then be shared throughout the rest of the day or week.  Using your phone to keep connected helps, too.
  • Stop watching the soaps on TV! You could be building a business in those wasted hours.
  • Tell everyone you meet in your day-to-day life about your business. In the supermarket, at choir practice, at the school gates. Wherever you go already, strike up a conversation with the people there.  Today, I popped into a local cafe for lunch, and as I have lent samples of the products to the staff before, they are now regular customers, and just by mentioning that I’m about to place an order this week I’ve had a repeat order for one of our skincare products. I was going to the cafe anyway (I go there quite a lot!) and I’ve covered the cost of my lunch with the order placed.  Cafes can also stock certain Forever Living products like FAB energy drinks and Protein bars, so the cafe itself is a customer too.
  • Plan who you need to speak to today and when you have 5 minutes, sitting in the car waiting for the children to come out of school, or waiting for the dinner to finish cooking, make those calls to book meetings or just check on how your customers are doing.  They don’t need to be long calls, we cover in the training what to say to people and how to approach them. Sometimes a quick “I’ve only got 5 minutes but can we meet for a coffee for me to tell you more” is all that it needs.

I have found that it really is a cling film business to which you can devote as little or as much time as you find you have.  The trick is to make your Forever Living business a part of the life you lead already, and touch your business every day.

You can’t  build up a new business or expect to earn an income without hard work and putting in your best effort.  But if you seriously want to build up a new Forever Living business, don’t make the excuse, “I don’t have time”.  Those who see the opportunity will make time in their day for their new business.  What are you waiting for?  Find 5 minutes to give me a call and let’s get started helping you to build up your business.

So you want flexible hours? No Problem!

So you want flexible hours? No Problem!

6 top tips for runing a stall at a fete

I have now been a distributor with Forever Living since June last year, and have had a steep learning curve with many aspects of running my own network marketing business. It is such a complete change from my day job as a Sage Bookkeeping trainer. The wonderful thing about being part of Forever Living is that those who have been in the business longer than you are always happy to help and offer advice.

So, in that vein, I thought I would offer my top 6 tips for running a stall at a fete or event – the tips of course can apply to craft stalls, other network marketing companies or any stall you might host.

1) Make sure if at all possible that you are the only stall doing Forever Living / your type of craft / insert other stall here – inform the organisers that is a condition of your attendance. I can understand there being other stalls offering similar products, but two from the same company just confuses the customers.

2) Don’t pay more than £10 – £20 for the stall – the best for you is a % of you takings (15% works well) but many have fixed fees. You are often asked to donate a raffle prize, too – this can be a voucher for money off for someone to choose something from your stall and doesn’t have to be a product or item.  Often you don’t sell much at the actual event but you are getting your products noticed.

3) Take along prize draw forms . I have a tick box on mine asking if people mind being emailed about special offers, as if you want to build up an email list of potential customers, the Data Protection Act says that people have to opt in to receive emails. Some consider them giving you the email address enough permission, but I like to make sure. Also, if you are keeping data about customers you really should register with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection.

4) Promote the event as much as you can yourself – ask for a poster and put it on your Facebook page and on other social media – the more people you can tell about the event the more customers you may have yourself.

5) Arrive at the event nice and early to set up, and try to get round to look at and exchange details with other stall holders. Sometimes I have been to badly promoted events where the only sales and contacts I have had are the other stall holders – make sure you hand out the prize draw forms to them too.  It is also useful to ask the other stall holders if you can join forces and let each other know about future events.

6) If you are new to your business, borrow stock from your upline (if relevent) for the event which you can then order and replenish if you sell it. Popular items at fetes for me are low value items such as  Aloe Lips, Deodorant, Propolis Creme and Aloe Gelly. Make sure where possible you have open tubes of the creams and other products and pick them up and encourage people to try them at the event. People often have limited money to spend at these events – but you can hand out literature about higher value products to follow up later.

And most of all – enjoy yourself – smile and be enthusiastic about your wonderful products.

I am recruiting in my business at the moment, so if you would like to find out more or share my success then please email me at

Alison at Come and Try Aloe Event

Alison at Come and Try Aloe Event