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Having been introduced to Tracy in her last guest post, this time Tracy is sharing with us some nutrition tips.  Like last month Tracy has also given us another delicious 600 calorie meal idea too.

Tracy after her weight loss.

Tracy from Nutritous

My protocol isn’t about eliminating any food groups.

I follow the principal of keeping our insulin / blood sugar stable.

Which means we really have to keep an eye open for hidden sugars.

If something has been manufactured, you can guess it’s going to contain a huge amount of hidden sugar.

Problem being, we eat these products & feel great for like 30-60 minutes as our insulin has been raised, & then wallop it’s plummeted & guess what this immediately makes us hungry for more of the sweet stuff. This over time causes us weight gain as those Unburnt sugars find their way into our fat stores.

So for optimum health, it’s best to eat good quality protein with good fats & vegetables during the day, adding carbohydrates to our evening meal. This will ensure we burn our own body fat as a fuel source, thus keeping our insulin level stable. Eating within 30-60 minutes upon waking & then every 3-4 hours will stop our insulin dropping too low.

Eating single whole ingredient foods are key for good health, real fresh tasty foods.

Think- protein- chicken, beef, lamb, pork, salmon, eggs Good fats- avocado, olives, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts Eating a rainbow of colours, creates an appetising plate of good nutritious food.

We all love our 600 calorie meals

I’ve a 3 course for you all today



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Main Meal 272 Calories

Main Meal 272 Calories

Dessert 127.5 Calories

Dessert 127.5 Calories

Snack 128 Calories

Snack 128 Calories

Guest post – All about Nutritous

I met Tracy Gravestock through the Milton Keynes Women in Business meeting, and we hit if off straight away.  Tracy knows her stuff when it comes to good nutrition, and with the Clean 9 program I am often asked for 600 calorie meal ideas.  I’ve asked Tracy to write this guest post about her history and her business, and as a bonus she has a meal idea suitable for days 3 to 9 of the Clean 9 which even includes dessert!

I’m just about still in my forties,as I hit the big 50 later this year.

My past has seen me thin, fat, thin,fatter,& morbidly obese.

Fat as a child ,anorexic at 18 fat at 22,fatter at 25 by the time I was 28 officially classed as morbidly obese.

I officially had a really bad relationship with food, hence the sizes.

My answer was to work with the stuff.

I joined the army at 18……I had to lose 5 stone to get it, I just took the dieting too far & carried on,thinking that bones sticking out was a really good look.

I joined the Army Catering Corp. I served almost 4 years, I loved that time & experience it gave me.

I’ve now been a chef for well over 30 years, currently have my own catering contract supplying breakfast, lunch & afternoon tea & cakes within an office/ manufacturing site.

As the years went by & as I put it “life gets in the way of life” I became morbidly obese –I hit the scales at 22 stone 6lbs at 5ft 7” size 30 as long as it was an elasticated waist.

I can go on and on with the stories of those fat years, but for sure it was lonely & uncomfortable.

When we took on our business, running around a kitchen all day took it out on me, I found waking & that walk down the stairs horrendous. That soon became the wake up call.

Tracy before her weight loss

Tracy age 26

Action needed to be taken: I was yet again going to join a slimming club for the umpteenth time! Whilst there that first night a lady spoke, we chatted, we said we’d meet again the following week- we did- over time we supported each other & kept each other going. She lost 3 ½ stone as I lost 11 stone. I went from Size 30 to size 10 in 3 whole years.

Tracy after her weight loss

Tracy age 45

I’ve kept most of the weight off for the last 10 years although I’m currently a size 14. I feel more comfortable, going down to a size 10 was really a mistake I almost fell back to my teenage years of those bones sticking out. I had to find middle ground to settle my weight & size so I could maintain.

I found an interest in health & fitness, I soon became a gym junkie, I loved weights, heavier the better. I soon learned that my slimming club didn’t like the fact I was drinking protein shakes- they apparently aren’t part of the plan! That night was the last time I attended a class.

As years went by I was always on the look out for a decent nutrition course, I wanted to learn, I wanted to know what to eat, when & why.

I soon found a 12month certification course that ticked my boxes. Very proud to say I was one of a few to have completed & passed the course ( this February 2015)

I started the course to widen my own knowledge, I soon got hungry to share that knowledge & try to help other people.

I set up Nutritous my version of a slimming club with a bespoke difference.

I’ve a hotel meeting room,so we have warmth & comfort, I bake a tasty treat so my members don’t go home & reward themselves badly after that nights weigh in. I create everyone’s nutrition plans as an individual – taking into account likes/ dislikes, allergies, any intolerances, any physical training & more importantly the goals the client has.

I give my members 100% support via email/ text & the facebook group.

I also send my members 10 random weekly recipes.

I love this little group I’ve created, to see people change their lives for a  better  healthier lifestyle, what more could be more rewarding.

I’ve got a recipe website too , so here is an example of a 600 calorie meal.

Great tasting fresh food & even a dessert thrown in. Click on the images below to read the recipes.

Main Meal

Main Meal – 316 Calories


Side Dish – 127 Calories


Dessert – 156 Calories

Thank you for being so honest Tracy, it is always fascinating to see how and why people have set up their own business and what has led them to this point in their life.  Check out Tracy’s facebook page for more fabulous recipes.

Cleanse verses diet – why is the Clean 9 so successful?

How I have Changed

How I have Changed

January is the month of diets and cleanses after the excesses of Christmas – but which should you choose – and if you have to do a cleanse or diet every January, then does it really work for you?  I had followed this pattern for years of losing a little weight through the year but then come Christmas, New Year  and two family birthdays, all in 10 days, I would still find myself in the same position needing to lose weight again each January.

So how have I turned things around and changed my life in the last year, which means I am starting 2013 already at my target weight, and I don’t have another year of frustration to look forward to? The secret is the Forever Living Clean 9 Cleansing Program.

Diet vs. Cleanse

One of the complex ways the liver deals with impurities is to increase body fat to wrap up these impurities to protect the body from their influence.  Think of all those take-away meals and sweet treats you eat through the year and especially at Christmas. The problem with a traditional diet is you lose the weight, but those impurities remain so you actually have a higher percentage of impurities in your new slimline body.  Your lean body mass decreases, which means your metabolic rate slows and you burn less fat.  When your body senses an increased level of these impurities it goes into emergency fat production – and when you return to normal eating your weight rebounds, and quite often you end up heavier than when you started.

Traditional Diet Vs Cleansing

Traditional Diet Vs Cleansing

Kicking off your healthy eating plan with the Clean 9 Cleanse means that your body sheds the impurities during the 9 day program, which means you feel healthier overall, and with fewer impurities in your system, your body sheds the fat and increases your lean body mass.  A higher lean body mass means you burn more energy even when at rest and you have a higher metabolic rate.  You need to increase your exercise levels as part of the process – the advice whilst on the detox is a minimum of 20 minutes’ exercise each day.

This means that when you finish your cleanse and go back to normal (but hopefully healthier) eating patterns – or move onto the 2nd stage offered by Forever Living – the F.I.T.1 program – you don’t rebound back to your former weight but have an excellent platform to continue your weight loss and achieve your personal goals – whilst feeling healthier and having more energy.

My Story

Wii Fit Screen Shots 2010-2012

Wii Fit Screen Shots 2010-2012

Personally, after my hip replacement in 2007 (see my previous blog post on Looking back and Going Forward) I decided that I needed to make my hip last as long as possible by shifting my excess weight and having a more active lifestyle.  I lost more than a stone during the first year (2010) with supplements and a slight increase in exercise, but gained quite a bit back over that first Christmas. So I started again in January 2011 and this time lost another stone by calorie counting and increasing my exercise levels … but from the September of that year I was stuck again.  I was then getting really fed up with the constant calorie counting – and although I increased my exercise levels (and discovered Zumba) I was just stuck on a plateau.  People did start to notice my weight loss though, as the exercise was changing my shape.

The change came on April 2012 when I was introduced to Forever Living and did my first Clean 9 cleanse.  At last I shifted off the plateau and reduced my weight – but more importantly, I was able to move down 2 dress sizes as my figure noticeably changed shape – as I had  more energy than I knew what to do with and my exercise levels rocketed.  I started getting compliments wherever I went – I have to admit I feel great.

So, going forward – I don’t need to calorie count any more, but I have improved my diet generally – and I did a 2nd Clean 9 cleanse  in November to build on my success.  I am keeping the exercise levels up but I know if I slip back into bad habits I now have the tools to stop myself – and the usual rebound of putting the weight straight back on when you return to your normal everyday diet has not happened.

Weight-Loss-125-x-125-AnimationIf you would like to find out more information about the Clean 9 Cleanse  or the Forever F.I.T. program then please take a look at my website .   You can purchase both products, or try the individual supplements and gels.  Get in touch for a simple online order form which offers a discount and free delivery – full details available on request.

Alternatively like our Facebook page to keep up to date with any special offers.  I have also written Clean 9 Cleanse Top Tips to help you get the best out of your Clean 9 experience.