Silicon Bullet Forever !

I have been thinking about how to support small business in a more effective way through the services Silicon Bullet offers, and one way is to offer services to a vertical market, which means we really understand how a particular sort of company or sole trader works, so that we can offer insight, help and support for clients.

One of these markets is Forever Living distributors.  I already do the regular bookkeeping for a distributor (Frances Woollard of Forever Your Success), and have helped another distributor in the past too.  The Forever Living business model encourages those signing up to set up their own business, and in the first instance distributors are self employed, but hopefully when the business grows they may wish to set up a limited company and even register for VAT as their income grows.  The responsibility of keeping accurate records of Sales and Expenses is on the distributor, so that they can fill out their tax return or year end accounts.

As a bookkeeper to several different types of business, the most challenging thing when I take on a new client, or train someone new in Sage or ACT! is actually understanding their business.  By offering my services to distributors as they set up their business, I can offer advice from a position of knowledge which means I am half way there already.

I use Forever Living products myself, and have done for a few years now.  The Aloe Vera products help me with my Arthritis, and also soothe the children’s eczema, and the Bee Pollen products ease the effects of Hayfever.  I have now taken the extra step which will really mean I can provide a unique service to Forever Living distributors in doing their accounts and bookkeeping – I have become a distributor myself.  This means I am really learning about how Forever Living works, and about the other products available – and I can offer my services with renewed confidence.

If you are interested in becoming part of an incredibly supportive team of Forever Living distributors and earning an extra income promoting great quality products, please get in touch with me via Twitter, Facebook, or our website, using the links at the top of the page.

Or if you are already involved with Forever Living but struggling with the financial side of your business, let me share my bookkeeping skills and advice with you.

Guest Blog Posts

How time flies when you are having fun!

Alison at her desk.

The Silicon Bullet Blog is now one month old, and what a month it has been! I have found creating my new blog both interesting and quite addictive. I have to see how many people have looked at the posts every day, and the Google searches used to find it are absolutely fascinating (to me anyway – you are probably yawning already!).

I feel my biggest achievement to date has been being invited by Cath, who looks after the @sageuk twitter account, to do a guest post on the Sage Blog.  I was so pleased to be approached, having only written a handful of my own posts, as Sage has been a big part of my working life for 16 years now – it is good to get the recognition.

So, Cath gave me a subject to work with – “the added value that Business Partners bring to Sage customers; how close you are to your customers, what are the key challenges facing your customers, etc.” and my first guest post was born.

I was then given some hints and tips by Maxine, a moderator on the Uk business forums, for guest posting:

  • Be ready to answer comments and keep checking frequently throughout the day so that the blogger doesn’t have to keep asking you to answer.
  • Don’t leave the promotion of the article up to them alone – see what you can do with sharing in places such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course on the business forum.

So if you fancy reading my Sage Guest Blog Post, you can find it here. And please do leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Silicon Bullet Introduction

I have been thinking of doing a business blog for a while, so this is my first foray into the realm of blogging.

I am Alison Mead, director of Silicon Bullet.  We are an IT support company based in Northamptonshire who act as an outsourced IT department to our customers.  My husband Paul Mead is the one who makes the computers work, links them to the internet, and knows what to do when you hit that blue screen of death.  I work on the finance side, helping our clients use Sage software to its full capability as a business bookkeeping tool, or by doing their bookkeeping for them.

In my role as a Sage Accredited Reseller, I visit companies who need Sage Training, either because they are using the software for the first time, or they have used it for a while but have never learned how to use all the features in their business. Sage can be a powerful bookkeeping tool when used correctly, and often my clients just need a few hints and tips to make the accounting software work for them to provide management information to aid the decision-making in their business.  I use Sage Instant accounts, Sage 50, ACT and Sage Payroll.

I would like to use this blog to share some of the more common hints and tricks in using Sage software, and also my experiences in running my own business, tweeting, using Facebook for business, and networking in Northamptonshire.

I have two twitter accounts, weebly_one for more personal tweets, and SiliconBullet for business advice, although sometimes I do confuse the two!  We have a Silicon Bullet Facebook page where I have previously published hints and tips using the Facebook notes, and we publish a monthly email newsletter called the Silicon Bulletin – which you can sign up to here.