Walk1000Miles Update

If you have joined me in walking more in 2021 then how is it going? Are you keeping up or are you waiting for the summer months to really get going?

I had a storming start in January on the #walk1000miles challenge and walked just over 100 miles to get ahead of myself – and it is a good job I did as in mid February I bent down to pick up my pilates mat after my class and something in my back went ping. Who says exercise isn’t dangerous?

I was lucky that my osteopath was able to set me on the right track for recovery, and I was strictly told not to walk longer than 20 mins once the original spasms had faded, so I was glad to have a few extra miles ahead of the game. I just had to move regularly and go for more shorter walks and I managed to just keep on track in February. My Aloe Heat Lotion and MSM Gel were absolutely invaluable too and I applied them regularly to my lower back.

Now in March my back is still a little stiff, but I am back walking longer distances and really enjoying the great outdoors – and today, 10th March, I hit the 200 miles in 2021 mark. I am nearing Plymouth according to the My Virtual Mission #walk1000miles map tracking my #1000miles from Lands End to John O’Groats.

What I am really pleased about is back allowing I have been getting out rain or shine, mud or mist, and enjoying the local countryside and trying out new footpaths and seeing some great scenery all within walking distance of my front door, and walking with all the family too.

Here are a few of my favourite pics and the sights we have seen in my first 200 miles in 2021. Please share your stories and progress in the comments here and also join my Facebook support group if you are doing a walking challenge too this year.