Forever Living – a Forever Business Owner’s perspective


I am a Forever Living Business Owner.

I have been running my own successful IT business (Silicon Bullet) with my husband Paul since 2000, and enjoy my work and the challenges it brings. I supply, install and train Sage Accounts and Payroll software and Xero, a cloud based accounting solution  – and have been networking in Northamptonshire where we are based and through networking found out again about Forever Living Products – having used some of the products for many years.

I started drinking the Aloe Gel in March 2012.  I really needed to lose some weight so in April 2012 I did the Clean 9 cleanse and managed to shift off the weight plateau I had been on for almost 9 months.

Following such great results, and having real confidence in the products, I decided to become a Forever Living Business Owner in June 2012. I wanted to try out a much wider range of the products, and also just naturally through talking to people I meet through my existing business and socially found I was ‘selling’ the products without even trying.

Fast forward to January 2013, and I received my first promotion and pay rise in the business, and really started building my team and honing my mentoring and leadership skills.

Since 2015 I have been able to grow my team in the business, and help and support others to build their own business with the fabulous support of Forever Living.  I just love sharing my experience in this business with others and watch as my team grow in confidence, there is no better feeling.

Forever Living is a ‘cling film’ business that can fit perfectly into your life, fitting around your current commitments and giving you the opportunity to build up a full time income with part time hours. This business is my pension, and I am growing and benefiting from the Investors in People accredited training too.

If you are in the UK and you have found this website because you are looking to join Forever Living and you are looking for the right mentor to support you in joining the business, then In the UK you can join easily online at  . If you wish to be coached and mentored by me then you need my details as your sponsor on the form which are Alison Mead, ID no 440100686316.

If you are not from the UK then Just get in touch to join me on this exciting journey – and allow me to share with you how Forever Living has changed my life and can change yours too. I am looking for team members all over the UK and particularly in South Africa and beyond to mentor and support, and to help build a business just like my own.

By Alison Mead

UK Trading Standards Statutory Warning

”Forever Living Products are a very proud & ethical company who pride ourselves on good practice.

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”

Alison Mead and Paul Mead are Forever Living Business Owners

Head Office Address (UK) :  Forever Living Products UK Ltd, Longbridge Manor, Longbridge, Warwick. CV34 6RB.

Forever Living are members of the direct selling association.

31 thoughts on “Forever Living – a Forever Business Owner’s perspective

  1. Hello Alison. I moved to live in United States from El Salvador, C. A., since 2014. My family and I had used the product for years. It is a excellent product. Well, actually I don’t have a job and I think it is the time to develop my own project. I have a Forever Living Products code or Id already and permisson to buy in United States. Could you please tell me what are the best steps to follow and grow up as Forever Living Product Consultant? Thanks very much!!!

    • Ricardo, I with you the best of luck with your business, and please feel free to take a look at all my business building posts on this blog. If you have not ordered any products on your Forever Living account for at least 2 years then I would be happy to have you transfer to my team so I can support and coach you to build your business. Unfortunately if you have been ordering on your account you will need to remain in the team you are in and you should contact the person who introduced you into the business for their support. My team is growing at the moment and I really owe them my time and support, so I can’t really help members of other teams. This is a business about helping and supporting your team members, so everyone looking at the business needs to choose wisely how they join as it can make the difference between a good business and a great business. Please Contact me via the Contact Me button with your ID number if you think you are able to transfer to my team.

      • Thank you very much Alison. I will send you a email and notify you how is my condition with Forever Living El Salvador.

  2. Hellow…am a 26 years old from Tanzania..I join at forever one year ago..and i love the company system and also i enjoy the quality products…but i faced a big challenge to make people join in my team even people doesnt buy the products due to the large cost of it and due to the falling of our shillings againt dollar…also my sponsor leave me alone also my manager is too bize also leave me alone..please please i need your help..I need to glow

    • Hello, I have sent you an email with some general advice. Choosing your sponsor and which team to join is so important when you join Forever for exactly the problems you have mentioned. I wish you every success in your business and hope you can find the help you need in Tanzania.

      • Having the same issue , having too many challenges with starting my own team, sales & marketing the products. please help

      • You must go to your sponsor or up-line for specific help and support. Go to team and business trainings, attend your local business presentation regularly and seek out on-line videos and trainings. If you were in my team I would be able to share with you our team specific training videos to help you through where you are struggling, but these are only available to our team. I’m sorry but I must concentrate on supporting my own downline and I can’t help everyone in Forever Living.

      • Ok thanks a lot .but how can I join to your team..can I quit and start again? Or how can i do to be part of your team?

      • You could try contacting the head office in your area and ask them what you should do. I have known people move teams but your sponsor would need to approve which is unlikely.

    • Hi am in middelburg Mpumalanga am a stay at home mum I need your guidance on starting this s business and empower my self will be glad if u tutor me thanks

    • Steven, this company has been trading for well over 30 years, before online was even a thing! So the company promote lots of different ways to run your business, the best being face to face with people. Use the contact me on the page here if you want further information.

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