Keto Fitness Podcast

Having seen one of my before and after progress pics on the Keto Fitness Club, Mark invited me onto his podcast to tell my Keto story. I met Mark through business networking with 4Networking and when he first came to the meetings he didn’t have any idea on where his business would go over the following 4 years. I am pleased I was able to support and cheerlead Mark from the sidelines on his journey. If you’d like the same support I have had on my journey or to see all the recipes Mark shares then do try this link.

Feeling healthy is a lot more than just losing weight

I actually didn’t intend to switch to a Keto lifestyle – I just quite liked the food Mark brought to meetings like pancakes, pizza and brownies. I was a serial yo-yo dieter – when I was ‘on’ a diet I would lose a bit of weight but none of the plans I followed were sustainable. As soon as returned to my usual habits the weight would pile back on and I would end up back where I started. So trying these delicious foods Mark made which I could eat without calorie counting made me think I might like to try this Keto thing as it might be sustainable with such fabulous recipes.

What I have found is mindset has been the biggest change in my Keto journey. I changed from hankering after potatoes and doughnuts to thinking about what these foods would do to my body, and I just didn’t want to eat them anymore. It changed from a feeling of denying myself to a feeling of nourishing my body with delicious foods I love so there was no longer any space for those old foods I used to eat. I am not saying I never eat potatoes or doughnuts, now I have hit my target weight and I am happy with how my body feels then I can, if I want, eat them but I don’t want to eat them 95% of the time. Duncan Price at Mind Affinity has really helped with my mindset all around food and I highly recommend his Relax Club which is like a gym visit for the mind

I was asked this week though if I actually feel better on Keto. It’s hard to say as I don’t know how I would feel if I wasn’t following this way of life. I have found now I no longer need my CPAP machine for my sleep apnoea, I love to walk miles in the beautiful countryside with my dog Daisy, I drink Forever Aloe Vera every day and take a selection of supplements alongside my Keto lifestyle and my skin is clearer, I no longer have an itchy scalp or get regular tummy aches so I’m sure I am happier than I would be without this!

So if you are interested in hearing Mark and I have a chat on the podcast to hear more of my journey then I will post the link here as soon as it is published!

**New** Aloe Body Lotion

Another great product coming soon to replace the lotion known as the ‘blue’ lotion due to the colour of the writing on the old tube!

Gentle, powerful cleansing with skin-conditioning aloe.

  • Gentle yet powerful cleanser
  • Removes dirt and oil to leave skin feeling clean and soft
  • Retains skin’s moisture
  • Maintains and promotes skin hydration
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh

Forever’s Aloe Body Lotion is the perfect everyday moisturiser to soften skin and leave it feeling smooth, hydrated and healthy. Our lightweight formula absorbs quickly to deliver the benefits of pure aloe vera and other moisturising ingredients almost instantly.

We combined a high concentration of pure inner leaf aloe vera with plant-based oils and botanicals to put nature’s most powerful skin enhancing ingredients to work for you. Aloe forms the ideal base for our formula by moisturising and promoting healthy, youthful looking skin. Argan oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids that help soften skin while hydrolysed jojoba esters help promote appearance of firmness and skin elasticity.

The addition of macadamia seed oil makes Aloe Body Lotion an ideal choice for dry and mature skin due to its high palmitoleic acid content, which promotes healthy looking skin. But this formula isn’t just for people with dry or mature skin. Forever created this silicone-free formula for anyone with normal to dry skin by adding ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, which forms a protective barrier on the skin and helps retain moisture. Aloe Body Lotion also features a bright aroma featuring light florals for a scent that’s universally appealing.

When you need a go-to daily lotion that leaves skin feeling soft and silky, but never greasy, make sure you have Forever’s Aloe Body Lotion close by.

**New** Aloe Body Wash

Coming soon to add to the great Aloe family of skincare products is Aloe Body Wash. Personally I have always happily used the Aloe Liquid Soap but I am looking forward to trying this new product when it is released soon.

Gentle, powerful cleansing with skin-conditioning aloe.

  • Gentle yet powerful cleanser
  • Removes dirt and oil to leave skin feeling clean and soft
  • Retains skin’s moisture
  • Maintains and promotes skin hydration
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh

Let the best of what nature has to offer nourish and cleanse your skin with Forever’s new Aloe Body Wash. This sulphate free formula features powerful yet gentle cleansing, with skin conditioning ingredients that will wash away dirt and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Aloe Body Wash is pH balanced to help retain skin’s moisture and promote hydration. Key ingredient, aloe vera, aids anti-ageing by promoting moisturising while vitamins A, C and E nourish and support healthy-looking skin.

Our formula features a rich, inviting fragrance of woods, amber and a warm blend of herbs for a scent that is universally appealing. You may notice something a little different about Aloe Body Wash’s unique colour. The pleasing shade of seafoam green comes from naturally-derived copper chlorophyll!

You’ll feel the difference right away as Aloe Body Wash forms into a rich, creamy foam that rinses away easily without stripping your skin of moisture. The gentle cleansing is made possible with ingredients like argan oil, arnica flower extract and hydrolysed jojoba esters, which help soften skin while increasing hydration and smoothness.

Don’t reach for another body wash that leaves your skin feeling dry or stripped of nutrients. With Aloe Body Wash, you’ll get the powerful cleansing you’re looking for with the perfect blend of ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling healthy and refreshed.

Autoship is Now Available in my online shop

Ordering made simple.

Ordering your favourite products each month just got easier! Introducing Autoship: an automate ordering system designed to take the hassle out of your monthly product orders.

What is Autoship?
Autoship is Forever’s new automated ordering system which allows you to take the hassle out of ordering the same products each month. Simply select the products you want to receive, the date you want to receive them and where you want them to be sent each month.

Then sit back and let us do the hard work for you.

Here’s why…

  • YOU WILL SAVE TIME… No need to manually order your items each month, Autoship is automatic.
  • IT’S COMPLETELY RELIABLE… You can count on receiving the same products, on the same day, every month with no extra effort required from you.
  • IT’S SO EASY… There are no big forms to fill out. Just complete the simple set up and receive what you want, when you want it each month.
  • IT’S FREE TO SET UP…That’s right! There are no extra fees. Just the cost of your product order plus delivery.

How can you subscribe? Autoship is easy to set up. Simply click BUY FOREVER LIVING above and follow the onscreen prompts.

New Forever Instant Hand Cleanser

For those if you missing the Forever Hand Sanitiser, we have a fabulous new product just released and now available to help you stay safe. And at £12.85 a bottle it’s great value too.

Powerful and refreshing, Forever Instant Hand Cleanser will keep the whole family protected, wherever the adventure leads. The citrus-scented, aloe-based hand cleanser is ideal for cleaning your hands quickly and effectively if soap and water are not available.


Essential to have at home and perfect when you are on the go.

  • Formulated with 70% alcohol.
  • Quick-drying and non-sticky.
  • Refreshing citrus scent
  • Effective aloe-based cleansing formula

Forever Instant Hand Cleanser encourages you to get the most out of your everyday life without compromising your well-being, and that of your loved ones. The effective aloe-based formula leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed in an instant. The citrus-scented hand cleanser is ideal for cleaning your hands quickly and effectively if soap and water are not available. Powerful and refreshing, Forever Instant Hand Cleanser will keep the whole family protected, wherever the adventure leads.


Apply to hands and rub together for thirty seconds. For that extra clean feeling, first apply the hand cleanser to a cloth and wipe your hands.

Please note: It is advisable to perform a patch test before using any topical product for the first time.

To order then go to the Buy Forever Living link at the top of this page and choose your country and enter the shop .

Are you suffering with Maskne?

We are all having to get used to wearing facemasks when out and about now, especially if you are going to any enclosed spaces like the shops or to the doctors or on public transport, and in the uk they are expanding the areas where you need to wear masks to other areas where you will meet ‘strangers’ in an indoors environment like museums and cinemas.

Wearing a mask for a short space of time for me isn’t too bad, but I know for some people it can make you feel claustrophobic or short on oxygen. I do however have a husband and a best friend who are partially deaf, so I’ve found a novel solution for that with a mask with a clear panel.

You can even see me smile in my special lipreading mask.

But if you work in an environment where you are constantly customer facing, like my daughter who works at a local pub restaurant,or you work in healthcare, you can start to suffer with maskne, or a new outbreak of acne due to wearing a mask for long periods every day.

So how can you combat this problem and give your skin it’s best chance to remain clear and bright during this global pandemic?

Avoiding Maskne

  • Avoid harsh scrubs and thick creams and be kind and gentle on your skin. Products like the Sonya Daily Skincare range, which contain aloe gel are super kind to the skin.
  • Be sure to allow the products you use to be fully absorbed before putting on your face mask if you can.
  • When you return home and can remove the mask gently cleans your skin to remove the build up of seat and debris gently.
  • Wash your mask regularly. It’s best to use a clean mask at least each day if you are using a cloth mask, and if you need to swap masks during the day wrap your mask in a small bag when you remove it and wash carefully when you return home to prevent a build up of germs from causing more problems. The Forever Living Multi Purpose Detergent (MPD) can be used for machine washing or hand washing your masks and has the bonus of being environmentally friendly too. You only need a few drops for handwashing or half a cup per washing machine load and it is kind to your hands and your clothes.
  • Avoid wearing thick foundation under your mask if you can. A gently tinted moisturiser will mean you are less likely to block your pores and cause more problems. Concentrate on making your eyes stand out, after all that is what people will notice first when you are wearing your mask.

As a bit of fun why not show me your mask selfies on our facebook page at . I think we will be wearing masks for a long time yet so we may as well make the best of it and get used to them if we can.

Stay Safe, Aloe Aly x

Aloe Vet Formula to be Discontinued

Unfortunately although Aloe Vet Formula is very popular in the UK, it is not as popular worldwide. I think it must be as we in the UK look after our pets so well.

Pets are part of the family too and Aloe Veterinary Formula is better than any belly scratch so it’s the perfect way to show that you care! This easy-to-apply spray is ideal for soothing irritations, cleansing areas before applying dressings or to achieve a glossy and conditioned coat after bathing. The gentle formula can be diluted to cleanse irritated eyes or to clean dirty ears. It can also be used as a soothing leg wash to provide protection after exercise. For pets and horses.

After careful consideration though, Veterinary Formula is being discontinued due to low global sales. For those who regularly use this formula, Aloe First offers a similar product formula to help meet your needs and is a similar cost of £17.44.

The UK and Ireland have got approximately 8-9 weeks of Veterinary Formula, but as news of the discontinuation get’s out I fear it may not last that long.

Aloe Veterinary Formula £15.85

As always, Forever Living don’t take these changes to our product catalogue lightly but appreciate the opportunity to bring new, powerful formulas to our Business Owners and customers to meet global trends and demands.

If you want to be sure to get a good supply of the Vet formula then please click on Buy Forever Living to access my online shop and get your order in as soon as possible.

New Hydrating Serum

I have to admit I was a little upset when Forever Living discontinued the Sonya Serum. I am not a huge user of moisturisers and creams despite being a Forever Living distributor – I joined mainly for the Aloe Drinking Gels – but the Sonya Serum was the one product which I use every day on my face. It just felt so lovely on my skin and had a fabulous fragrance.

But I am just coming to the end of my last bottle, and I have been eeking it out as much as I can, but now it’s time to try something new.

New Hydrating Serum

So today my email from Forever was all about our new Hydrating Serum. It contains pure aloe vera and four types of hyaluronic acid. and helps shield against environmental stressors, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is designed to be used before my favourite Forever moisturise, which for me is the ‘purple’ one.

Hydrating Serum £34.00

Key Ingredients

  • 4 types of hyaluronic acid
  • Stabilised aloe vera gel
  • Coconut fatty acids
  • Shea butter
  • Snow mushroom
  • Tamarind
  • White tea
  • Mimosa bark

I haven’t tried it yet, but wanted to share the details with you if you have struggled , like me , to come to terms with the end of my Sonya Serum bottle.

Infinite Firming Serum is definitely being added to my next order, or if you want to try it yourself then just click on Buy Forever Living at the top of this page to access my customer store and order it for yourself.

Aloe Aly x

My Favourite Forever Living Products

I was asked this week which Forever Living products I take regularly. After all I only joined Forever originally as I loved the products and wanted to get them cheaper for myself (I am a bit stingy with my money!) I have been a distributor now for over 8 years and my favourite products have not changed much over all that time, so here are my top 5 products that I couldn’t live without…….

Drinking Gel – I start my day everyday with a shot of my chosen Aloe drinking Gel. For me I take Forever Freedom, which is flavoured with Orange and has added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. This is great for people with an active lifestyle and keeps me moving.

Forever Freedom

Forever Move – With my drinking Gel I take a handful of supplements – the main one being Move. This contains natural eggshell membrane (NEM) and curcumin turmeric (Biocurc), and again is aimed for people who are very active and like to keep moving as I do.

Forever Move

Arctic Sea – I am not a great fish eater, but I know my body can’t make omega-3 fatty acids, so I also take these each day as they contain the perfect balance of essential fatty acids EPA – which contributes to the normal function of the heart – and DHA – which contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function. My brain needs all the help it can get, especially right now with COVID-19 lockdown.

Arctic Sea

Bee Pollen – this is one of the first supplements I tried from Forever, and is still part of my daily routine. It is a nutritionally-rich substance that provides bees with everything they need to survive.   This pollen has then been combined with honey and royal jelly to create Forever Bee Pollen, and is something I take every day without fail. If I need a little boost mid afternoon then this is the supplement I reach for.

Bee Pollen

Vitolize for Women – as a woman of a certain age (clinging onto my 40s right now by the slimmest of margins) I take this blend of herbs, iron and vitamins which is designed with women’s health needs in mind. It also contains B6, which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity. It seems to keep me well balanced and as I usually get a negative reaction to iron tablets this is just enough for me.


So these are my top 5 and all products which I won’t do without. They keep my body working well which is something I really need along with my good nutrition and Keto lifestyle. If you’d like the details or prices of any of the products then just get in touch or click on the images to check out my online shop.

Remember Forever is so confident in the quality of its products that we offer a complete 60-day money-back guarantee if customers are not entirely satisfied. Just return the unused product with the receipt to me within 60 days of purchase and I can sort it out for you if you bought through my online shop or direct from me.

Until next time, Aloe Aly.

Joining Forever Living

I am writing this post still from my lockdown for Coronavirus here in the UK. I am seeing a resurgence of interest in the products from Forever Living from those who would rather order online than go to the shops, although this week in the UK shops have started to open. I’ve also had inquiries from people who are interested in another source of income in this uncertain times, so I thought it was about time I blogged again about joining forever living as a lot has changed since I last talked about this.

Joining for the Products

If like many people you are interested in joining Forever Living because you love the products and you want to get them for yourself at a discount then the Preferred Customer level may be right for you.

From 1st July you can join as a Preferred Customer by purchasing products online of at least £75 plus postage at £6.98. Your 2nd order will have free of charge delivery on your 2nd order as a thank you for joining. After the first order there is no minimum order for a preferred customer.

The online links to join will be available from 1st July 2020 at and you will need to add my sponsor ID of 440100686316 which should display as Alison Mead.

If you then place orders over 2 months which add up to a value of 2 case credits (Forever’s internal currency used for progressing through the business) then you will be given the option to become a Forever Business Owner and start your own Forever Business. If you need more details about this then use the Contact Me option at the top of the page and get in touch for a chat. If you choose not to start a business you can continue to buy the products for your self at an increased 30% discount.

Joining for the Business

If you would like to start your own Forever Living business then the best way to join is with a Start Your Journey Pack. This is a pack of the most popular Forever products and literature to help you get started at a discount of 35% and gets you straight onto our marketing plan at the Assistant Supervisor. You will get your own online shop and be able to sign up your own preferred customers.

The pack in the UK will cost you £199.75 (free postage) and the as the contents do change from time to time it’s best to take a look at the current sign up page for the up to date list. If you choose to join you will need you will need to add my sponsor ID of 440100686316 which should display as Alison Mead. Please make sure you read and agree to all the terms and conditions before signing up. If you are not from the UK then change the country option to your area on the form to see the costs in your country or get in touch.

Once you join at this level you will have a minimum order value of £50 worth of products for each order, but your customers will be able to use your personalised web shop with no minimum order quantity. When you decide to join then get in touch for support in getting started and I can explain how this all works.

So if COVID19 is affecting you and you either have more time to look at something new, or you need to find another way to earn a 2nd income then do get in touch and let’s see how we can together build a fabulous business under the umbrella of Forever Living.

  • Forever Aloe Gels
  • Forever Bright Toothgel

UK Trading Standards Statutory Warning

”Forever Living Products are a very proud & ethical company who pride ourselves on good practice. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”