Product Reviews

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“I was lucky enough to get to try an Aloe Lips recently. I liked the smell of this and my lips were noticeably softer after one application. I actually cut down on wearing lipstick because of dry lips and I think this will be my saviour!”-  Jan Marlowe, January 2014

Aloe Lips

“I drink the aloe gel every day and feel much better for it.  Aly is very knowledgeable and helpful and friendly. I wouldn’t buy my Aloe products from anyone else” – Nici Cunningham, January 2014


Aloe Gel Comes in 4 Flavours


“I brought the moisturising face serum in October 2013, using it every morning and evening. So far it has lasted me 5 months, and am still using the same bottle. I absolutely love this product, it leaves my skin so smooth. It truly gives you a fresh glow, and you see a difference in your face with a softness. I am ordering my next bottle, wouldn’t want to use anything else.” – Alison Johnson, February 2014

Aloe Nourishing Serum


“The Aloe Hand and Face soap is fabulous; mild, gentle on the skin and not at all drying. Perfect for the whole family and the bottle lasts for ages as a little goes a long way. Great value for money, great product.” Diane Wilson, February 2014

Hand and Face Soap

Hand and Face Soap


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