6 top tips for runing a stall at a fete

I have now been a distributor with Forever Living since June last year, and have had a steep learning curve with many aspects of running my own network marketing business. It is such a complete change from my day job as a Sage Bookkeeping trainer. The wonderful thing about being part of Forever Living is that those who have been in the business longer than you are always happy to help and offer advice.

So, in that vein, I thought I would offer my top 6 tips for running a stall at a fete or event – the tips of course can apply to craft stalls, other network marketing companies or any stall you might host.

1) Make sure if at all possible that you are the only stall doing Forever Living / your type of craft / insert other stall here – inform the organisers that is a condition of your attendance. I can understand there being other stalls offering similar products, but two from the same company just confuses the customers.

2) Don’t pay more than £10 – £20 for the stall – the best for you is a % of you takings (15% works well) but many have fixed fees. You are often asked to donate a raffle prize, too – this can be a voucher for money off for someone to choose something from your stall and doesn’t have to be a product or item.  Often you don’t sell much at the actual event but you are getting your products noticed.

3) Take along prize draw forms . I have a tick box on mine asking if people mind being emailed about special offers, as if you want to build up an email list of potential customers, the Data Protection Act says that people have to opt in to receive emails. Some consider them giving you the email address enough permission, but I like to make sure. Also, if you are keeping data about customers you really should register with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection.

4) Promote the event as much as you can yourself – ask for a poster and put it on your Facebook page and on other social media – the more people you can tell about the event the more customers you may have yourself.

5) Arrive at the event nice and early to set up, and try to get round to look at and exchange details with other stall holders. Sometimes I have been to badly promoted events where the only sales and contacts I have had are the other stall holders – make sure you hand out the prize draw forms to them too.  It is also useful to ask the other stall holders if you can join forces and let each other know about future events.

6) If you are new to your business, borrow stock from your upline (if relevent) for the event which you can then order and replenish if you sell it. Popular items at fetes for me are low value items such as  Aloe Lips, Deodorant, Propolis Creme and Aloe Gelly. Make sure where possible you have open tubes of the creams and other products and pick them up and encourage people to try them at the event. People often have limited money to spend at these events – but you can hand out literature about higher value products to follow up later.

And most of all – enjoy yourself – smile and be enthusiastic about your wonderful products.

I am recruiting in my business at the moment, so if you would like to find out more or share my success then please email me at alison.mead@siliconbullet.com.

Alison at Come and Try Aloe Event

Alison at Come and Try Aloe Event

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