Aloe and Animals

Did you know that animals can take Aloe too?  If you have been to one of our business presentations you will know that all of our products are not tested on animals, but our furry friends can drink the gels and you can use the topical creams on their skin and supplements in their food too.

Royal Vetinary College

Royal Veterinary College

Using Aloe for horses in particular is very well documented. Peter Green published an article in the Veterinary Times about Aloe vera extracts in equine clinical practice, which we can send to you on request, and if you look at the coat of arms for the Royal Veterinary College you will see that there is an Aloe plant on the bottom right-hand side.

Cats and dogs these days, just like us humans, are now eating more processed and manufactured food, which can increase the release of free radicals, which is not good; but giving your animals the right supplements will hopefully result in lower vet’s bills.  Obviously, animals don’t have a placebo effect as humans may have.

Horses and dogs tend to take the aloe drinking gel in their food with no problems at all.  With cats you need to be a bit more sneaky and start with a tiny amount and build up slowly.  If that doesn’t work and they just turn up their noses, a great trick that I heard at a training session run by David Urch, a vet who acts as an advisor to Forever Living business owners, is to put a tiny amount on the back of their paws for a few days so that they get used to the taste when they lick it off.  The cat will often then accept the gel being added to their food once they are used to the taste.

Our cat snuggled up to the Aloe

Our cat snuggled up to the Aloe

As I’ve said in previous posts I am looking to build my team of Forever Living business owners by joining forces with people who are looking for a way to supplement their income.  I’d love to be introduced to people who have links with pet-related businesses.  So if you know a dog sitter or dog trainer, a vet, or someone with stables, please put them in touch with me.  They will be able to introduce the products to their animal loving contacts and clients,  help  the animals, and maybe even save on expensive vet’s bills.  It’s a win-win situation.

Waggy Woofs - Dog Walking Services on The Wirral

Waggy Woofs – Dog Walking Services on The Wirral

3 thoughts on “Aloe and Animals

  1. Reblogged this on musingsofacoeliaclibrarian and commented:
    One of the things that impressed me about the Forever Living products range is the fact that virtually all of them can be used on animals.
    I have been adding Aloe Vera Drinking Gel to my cat’s food for the last year. When I took her to the vets for her annual check up they commented on how well she looked, and how glossy her coat was. I have also used the Aloe Gelly on a wound on her face when she had been in a fight and it healed really quickly.
    Get in touch with me if you want to find out more about Aloe and animals – or want to add the range to your business if you already work with animals.

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