Buying Forever Living products on Amazon

Forever Living is a network marketing business, where we retail Aloe Vera based products by using them ourselves and recommending them to others.  It is very much a business built on personal contact with customers, and building up a rapport with people.  But what do you do when your local Forever Business Owner moves away, or you lose touch with them?

Some customers turn to Amazon or E-bay to buy their much loved products, but if this is you then you need to adhere to the mantra of ‘Buyer Beware’.

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Company Policy

Every Forever business owner who signs up with Forever Living agrees to abide by the strict rules set out in our Company Policy Handbook.  By signing up we are all agreeing to the Terms and Conditions given.  We are members of the Direct Selling Association which protects both us as business owners, and you as customers, and agreeing to these terms gives us both confidence that we are dealing with an ethical company.

Within the terms we agree to not sell products on-line, except through the on-line shop we all get as part of our business package (which you can link to at the top of the page). The exact extract is :

(j) Selling online. An FBO is prohibited from selling products through online
marketing media, online malls, or auction sites, such as, but not limited to, eBay or

So if you are buying your Forever Living products on Amazon, E-bay or any other online marketing site then you are buying from someone who is not afraid to break the rules.

Why should that bother you?

You may ask why buying on-line should bother you, if you are getting your products cheaper or it’s just convenient. Well here are just a few of the points you really should consider

  • Are the products you are buying all in date and in as new condition?
  • Can you be sure the products have not been tampered with?
  • Are you being offered the 60 Money back satisfaction guarantee?

If the business owner behind the on-line shop is found and identified by our head office they are given a warning, and then they will be asked to leave the company, so business owners who do this are also risking losing their whole business.

How can I find a local distributor ?

So how can you find a local Forever Distributor?  Well I am based in Northamptonshire, near the Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire borders, so if you are looking for products in these areas I would be very happy to add you to my customer list.  I also have team members in Glasgow and Tyne and Wear so  I can help you in Scotland and in the North East of England. My latest team member is in Ipswich and  I am currently recruiting in Lincolnshire, Devon and in North Wales too as my team is growing fast.  Working Together

or Join my Team

If none of these locations are local to you, then why not think about joining my team yourself so you can become my go to business owner in your area?  We offer on-line mentoring, support and training so location is not a barrier if you have an internet connection.  Just contact me with your location for more details.

And failing that then you can link to my on-line shop at the top of the page and order with confidence from an ethical Forever Living business owner, who always puts the customer first.

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