Clean 9 – Free Foods

When you do your first Clean 9 (C9) Cleanse with Forever, one of the hardest things many people found was not eating ‘proper’ food in the first two days.  From day 3 you have a 600 calorie meal every day, which conversely many people struggle with eating a meal with that many calories in one go.

***** I have written a new post about C9 Free Foods in the new FIT programme released in December 2016 *******

With the new C9 Cleanse we encourage you to tweak the system to suit your lifestyle and goals rather than rigidly following the program as written, and we have introduced the concept of free foods.  These free foods are low on the Glycemic Index (GI) and are low in calories, so they have a minimal effect on your blood sugar.  They can be enjoyed as a snack throughout the day to help curb cravings. Foods under 55 are considered low GI – take a look at the Diabetes Uk Website for more information.

There is a list of the free foods suggested in your C9 Booklet,on page 12, and  it includes fruit such as Apricots, Apples, Cherries, Grapes, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Orange, Raspberries and Strawberries, and Vegetables such as Artichoke, Asparagus, Rocket, Cucumber, Broccoli, Leeks, Lettuce, Pepper, Tomatoes, Soy Beans and Celery.  The vegetables should be eaten raw except the artichoke and soy beans or lightly steamed without fats or oils.  You can use herbs or seasoning to make them tasty too.


Be careful though, as if you over indulge in the free foods then you may not get the results you are hoping for with your C9 program.  You can have free foods even on days 1 and 2 but only have a little if you really have a craving to eat something.

Also if you struggle to have a 600 calorie meal all in one go, then reduce your meal and have those extra calories at other times.  Banish mid afternoon hunger with raw cut up veggies from your free food list or have some fruit as an evening snack.  Listen to your body as you follow the program.

When you are on days 3 to 9 you’ll be consuming 1000 calories per day with the meal and the shakes.  Men can add an additional 100 to 200 calories if needed, preferably in the form of lean protein or by adding an extra shake.  Adjust the program to suit your body and your needs.  If you choose to purchase the Clean 9 through us then we offer coaching to help get you through the week, and advice to help you get the most out of your C9 experience.

Remember, Clean 9 requires commitment and will power.  Many people find that the hunger pangs diminish as they get further through the program, but if you are truly hungry then try some of these tips above to keep you going on the program.  It is better to have a small slip and continue that to give up completely.

So what are you waiting for?  Try the C9 cleanse today and get in touch so you can make the most out of the program and get the new you that you are looking for.  Get in touch to order or take a look at my online shop.

Before and After Clean 9 October 2014

My Clean 9 Before and After Shots (Sept 2015)

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